How officers perform in Tehsils, keep watching: DC Ali Shehzad


Mian Rashid Asghar,

FAISALABAD: The Deputy Commissioner, Ali Shehzad has directed the heads of district departments to satisfy the grievances of the complainants in a satisfactory manner and to abandon the practice of ignoring public issues, where the undue and unwarranted delays would not tolerated in this regard.
While hearing the problems of the citizens in the office, the Deputy Commissioner said that departmental action against the officers who do not listen to the public issues will not be avoided so they should increase the standard of departmental performance in relation to public relief.
He asked the Assistant Commissioners to address the grievances and problems of the people at the all levels responsibly and keep a close watch on the performance of the tehsil offices so that the people may not face any problem in their affairs. He further said adding that, there will no stone be left unturned in resolving issues that need to be resolved immediately.
He further listened to the concerns of citizens about WASA, Waste Management Company, Revenue and other departments and issued instructions to the concerned officers on the spot by calling them. He also listened to the problems of senior citizens, men and women and assured them that there would be no delay in departmental action for immediate resolution of their grievances and problems.

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