Bhittai’s philosophical education must be taught practically: Speakers


DADU,(Parliament Times):Sindh University Campus Dadu arranged Latif Conference 2021 to pay homage to the great poet and philosopher Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai on the occasion of his 278th Urs being celebrated at Bhit Shah and across the world. The event was presided by PVC Prof Dr Azhar Ali Shah while renowned writers, scholars and intellectuals Mr Gulan Bhand, Mr Sabir Bhand, Mr Abd Magsi, Ms Shabana Nawaz Panhwar, Mr Wafa Yaseen Arain, Dr Mansoor Soomro, Mr Ashraf Kaloi, Mr Abdul Jabbar Mallah, Mr Adnan Magsi, Mr Gul Roman along with huge number of faculty, staff and students attended the even.

Students of Sindh University Campus Dadu presented articles, poetry, tableaus, songs and other items to express their views on the life and thought of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai being a great source of inspiration for all the seekers of beloved, beauty and wisdom.

Dr Azhar Ali Shah, Mr Gulan Bhand, Mr Sabir Bhand, Mr Abd Magsi and others highlighted importance of arranging Latif Day and Latif Conference every year at educational institutes from primary to tertiary level for the great good of the posterity. They said that the messege of Shah Abdul Bhitai is the message of universal love, peace, progress and prosperity and it transcend all borders across the world. Latif’s philosophy is continuation of the matrilineal social structure from from our great Indus Valley Civilization through all the seven female characters/heroins of his poetry. It is need of the time to move towards restoration of the ideal society advocated by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai through his social philosophy in the form of poetical expressions. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is the revolutionary social philosopher whose social theories and ideas need to be practiced in order to achieve global order and harmony.