Essential health levy bill of 2019 not implemented yet, strange! Malik Imran

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Islamabad,(Parliament Times) : Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) organized an online session to debate and query Health Ministry for delay in implementation of the Health Levy bill which was passed in 2019.
Malik Imran Ahmed, Country Head, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Pakistan revealed his apprehension while speaking of tobacco killing approximately 170,000 people annually and those 1200 children initiate smoking on a daily basis adding the health burden of Rs. 615 billion according to a study of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE).
He expressed his disappointment with the government and concerned departments. He questioned the obstruction in the implementation of the health levy bill. He mentioned that in 2019 the government approved the health levy bill that could help generate Rs. 40 billion in revenue for the country. However, it was never implemented.
Khalil Ahmed Program Manager SPARC mentioned According to the High-Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems a minimum of $86 per person is recommended for public health expenditure in Pakistan, while the country stands at $45 per capita only, which is $28 comes from the public itself.
He mentioned that the resources required to provide healthcare services to citizens is massive in Pakistan, whereas the funds available to the government for this purpose are limited. Implementing a health levy bill alone can help generate Rs. 40 billion to meet recommended targets for public health.
Mr. Shariq Mahmood Khan, CEO of Chromatic Trust, said worldwide ‘sin tax’ is imposed on socially harmful goods like tobacco, sugar-added drinks etc. Sin taxes are imposed to reduce the consumption of hazardous products and to increase government revenue.
He urged the government to eliminate tax evasion in the tobacco sector, which is not only damaging the economy but is also discouraging the tobacco control initiatives.

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