PTI leader calls for s world community’s stringent action against HR abuses, plight of Kashmiri prisoners in IIOJK


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR [AJK],    (Parliament Times) : Veteran Kashmiri leader and central PTI stalwart Basharat Salim while vehemently condemning the fast deteriorating political and human rights situation in the Indian Illegally occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir has appealed to the world human rights organizations to help stop the bloodbath of innocent Kashmiris at the hands of the trigger-happy Indian occupation forces.

Taking a dig at the Indian government’s highhandedness and hegemonic designs in the region, Basharat , Central Deputy Secretary General of Pakistan Tehreek – e – Insaf (Welfare Wing) said in a statement issued here on Wednesday that the occupation authorities at the helm of affairs have turned Kashmir valley into serfdom where Kashmiris are being treated as slaves. “The occupational Indian forces are engaged in such vicious and vile activities that go against the spirit of universally acknowledged principles of justice”, he said.

“On one hand blood of innocent civilians particularly the youth is being spelled on the streets with impunity by the Indian forces while on the other deafening silence on the part of the so-called civilized world has emboldened the occupation authorities to carry out atrocious activities against civilians without an inkling of accountability”, the PTI leader said.

Voicing his party’s concern over the plight of Kashmiri prisoners – besides freedom loving political detenus in the bleeding occupied valley the Kashmiri leader said, “Kashmir is the only place in the world where any person can be arrested and held in detention for an indefinite period of time”.

Basharat said while referring to the continued detention of Kashmiri prisoners. “The lawlessness has reached to a point where apartheid regime led by Naredar Modi is shamelessly and blatantly threatening every Kashmiri who dares to challenge its belligerence and bellicosity”, he added.

Reiterating his call for early release of all illegally detained Kashmiri leaders and political activists he said, “thousands of Kashmiri political prisoners and other innocent Kashmiris are made to suffer in jails and other detention centers despite the fact that the Indian authorities have not been able to provide a single against them.”

Describing the unlawful detention of Hurriyat leaders in IIOJK as a blatant violation of basic human rights he said that India was unabashedly using detentions as a tool to suppress the voice of dissent in the region.

The Kashmiri leader called upon the world human rights organization to take effective cognizance of the matter and play their much-needed role in the early release of Kashmiri prisoners who have been left to rot in far-off Indian jails.

Vehemently condemning the occupation authorities’ issuance of a list of dos and don’ts for Kashmiri employees Basharat while terming it as a colonial tactic said that it was yet another attempt to suppress Kashmiris who were already forced to live under suffocating conditions.

The Kashmiri leader categorically declared that India cannot stifle the Kashmiris’ legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination through the use of brute force or by using colonial and coercive tactics.