Importance of books

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Zunaira Riaz;
It is said that a book is man’s best friend. When a person is alone, there are books that entertain him at a time when the reason for the lack of promotion of books in Pakistan is the low literacy rate of consumers. There is a growing trend of mobile internet and technology, a declining trend of books and a growing trend of media due to lack of government patronage and adequate resources for libraries as well as lack of efforts by families and educational institutions towards book reading. Ten or fifteen years ago, people used to set aside a day to read the book together and on that day one of them would sit and read the book and the rest would sit in silence and listen to it and comment. Those who used to go to school used to set a day and then sit down to read, but gradually it became a tradition and a few years ago, people used to spend their time reading magazines and books and became interested in books.

But in those two or three years there has been a wave of change that has made everything worse One of the reasons why people have forgotten to talk about books is because of the fast growing trend of social media as people used to listen to radio a lot but now people listen to our fM radio. Institutions should increase the interest of children in reading books and the tendency to read them so that future generations do not become paralyzed by dreams on social media but also enlightened by the words of books for which steps must be taken. Before the trend of things is buried …

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