Guldasta-e-Tariqat By Maqbool Ferozi

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Maqbool Ferozi is a prominent name among few great scholars of Islamic mysticism who have extraordinary expertise on the subject. He is regarded as one of the very few scholars and intellectuals of valley. Maqbool Ferozi is actually a scholar of Persian literature. In seventies he has done his masters and M.Phill in Persian from Tehran university of Iran. But unfortunately he couldn’t complete his P.hd in the said subject due to Iran-Iraq war. However while settling and spending his rest of the years in valley, he has greatly contributed to the development and promotion of Persian, Urdu and Kashmiri language and literature. After retiring from the government service he has actively participated in the research and creative work. His debut book ” Tasawuf Par Islami Aur Irani Asraat” has been well recieved by the readers. Guldasta-e-Tariqat the current compiled book of the author is an excellent source of Tariqat ( Methodism) in which he has brilliantly presented the different aspects of mysticism and Methodism in light of the Quran and the sayings of many sufi saints. This book comprises of 196 pages covering seven different chapters. It is published by GNK Publications Chararishareif Budgam. It has an excellent hardcover with an eye catching cover page. In it’s foreword Maqbool Ferozi writes ” I had a mystical environment at home, that is why since my school days I used to study the books related to mysticism and Methodism. Shariah is to follow the teachings of Quran and sunnah ostensibly while as Tariqat or Methodism is following the same osoterically. In it’s opening chapter “what is Methodism” author writes” according to sofi saints Methodism is the second stage after shariah in which stress is given to purify one’s inner soul in addition to purifying one’s physical body”. According to Sheikh Ab Qadir Jeelani RA” Methodism isn’t achieved by marely holding discussions on different aspects but it is gained by restricting oneself from bad deeds, sins and by remembering Allah “. In it’s second chapter “Bayat- an Islamic oath of allegiance ” Moulana Tatheer Barelvi is of the view ” Bayat means to handover one’s all affairs to a spiritual guide and spending life according to his commandments “The dictionary meaning of Bayat is giving your hand in the hand of your spiritual guide. Maqbool Ferozi has written a beautiful chapter in this book about ” awliya Allah- the friends of Allah”. According to author “Wali ” is the one who recognises the virtues and greatness of Allah. He abstains from bad deeds and sins , follows strictly the commandments of Allah and he isn’t a maniacal. Friends of Allah doesn’t have any kind of fear or worry ( al-Quran). One who develops envy with a wali , beware! I will wage war against him ( prophet saw). Wrangling with a wali is like wrangling with Allah and making friendship with a friend of Allah is like making friendship with Allah himself. Moulana Rumi says ” spending few movements in the company of a friend or wali of Allah is better than the accepted worship of a century “. One of the most important and liked chapter of the book is ” Ishqi Illahi or love for almighty ” in which author writes ” man indeed is an important creation of Allah on the surface of planet Earth. He is the crown of all creations. For the guidance of humanity almighty Allah has send many messengers from time to time. Dearest prophet (saw) too was sent to guide humanity. Abdul Mugni in his book writes ” developing utmost love of prophet(saw ) is the only way to please and love Allah “. In another chapter of the book ” Shariat aur Tariqat – shariah and Methodism ” author writes…. Methodism is developing utmost love and maintaining selfless friendship with Allah. Further Methodism is the remembrance of Allah and getting lost in repeating the virtues of almighty. Methodism isn’t about refraining from the worldly affairs and living a life of solitude while it is living a social life but free from envy, sins, bad deeds and all kinds of mental pollutions. Scholars of Tariqat or Methodism have got divided into two groups. First group is regarding Methodism and mysticism as an un-Islamic and anti-shariah subject while the second group regards it as a part of shariah and takes pride in teaching these subjects to the fellow beings. In the last chapter of the book ” Objective and aim of Methodism ” author says…. basic objective and aim of Methodism is to purify the inner soul and free your heart from hatred, envy, bad deeds and sins. Hazrat Junaid Bagdaadi(ra) is of the view that one who holds Quran in his right hand and sunnah of prophet (saw) in his left hand can only follow the path of Methodism. Maqbool Ferozi has beautifully made the use of Persian and Urdu poetic couplets in his book to make it more interesting and comprehensive. Author has included the poetic couplets and quotes of great Islamic thinkers and scholars in this book. Some of them are Alama Iqbal, Moulana Rumi, Imam Gazali, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Hazrat Hassan Basri, Hazrat Dataa Ganj Bakhsh, Ashraf Ali Thanvi etc Maqbool Ferozi has consulted about 85 books including glorious Quran and the authentic hadith books to compile this beautiful creation. Eminent author and distinguished Urdu writer of valley Dr Gh Nabi Kumar has also penned a one page summary of the book and some introductory words about the author to make it more attractive. Maqbool Ferozi has dedicated this book to his noble and pious late mother.

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