Protect Cultural Heritage


Saddam, Babar Solangi
There is no trace of doubt that every country protects its respective Heritage because they consider that civilization is our real identity in this social environment. But on other hand, it is sad to quote those citizens of Pakistan country are lacking in understanding and considering the worth of Archaeological sites that demonstrates our real identity of our existence on this land. It has been recently observed that our paramount important Archaeological sites are gradually demolishing and destroying. For instance; Pakka Qila Hyderabad, Kot Digi Fort near Khairpur, and all valuable archaeological sites of Sindh have been recently destroyed and encroached by influential people. Moreover, Archaeological sites of Sindh have been victims of lawlessness which have long been occupied by the mafia. This negative and unlawful act of mafia is seriously condemned by the society of archaeology that is the main part of department of archaeology. The active members of this society put forwarded their legitimate demand to take pragmatic measures against mafia timely. The Director General named Walled City of Lahore Authority Housing and Works Department Government of Pakistan said that the history of Sindh is the most famous that has been running since thousands of millions of years andits scientific evidences are still available everywhere in the form of artifacts and fossils that are sometimes human-made. Due to some of the devastating, modern world today, the righteous countries of the world are sensitive to their historical. The Archaeological department has to confirm that there are no artifacts.From the platform of the Archaeological Society, we send a message to the common people that every rich nation has a glorious history and Sindh is at the top of that list. Pandey asked the government to free the sites from every illegitimate possession of mafia. On one hand the whole world is sensitive and paying efforts for the survival of Sindh historical identity and its rich historical and cultural sites, but on other hand the people of Sindh seem busy in destroying and degrading of the most important archaeological sites of Sindh.There are many strikes have been made against the mafia control, but unluckily, the department of archaeological seems in a state of long-term silence. As a result, four historical sites such as Dewari, Korea’s Dow, Jhalaar and Maoists have recently been excavated and hundreds of millions have been deposited. Historical properties have been damaged in the occupation of several archaeological sites, including the Leilan building. Moreover, we people are historically rich and would love to preserve these sites because we educate and inform our coming generation regarding utmost importance of these sites. Butunfortunately, it has been observed thatthe influential and powerful people approached illegally on archaeological sites and explicitly converted these historically rich sites into agriculture and for other purposes. But unfortunately, this is not only unlawful but also extreme violation of our rich history as well that was often demonstrated through its presence. Therefore, it is dire need to preserve all worth considering archaeological sites that are gradually destroying by powerful people. Being a responsible and educated member of our society I request to Mr Chief Minister of Sindh, Minister of Cultural Heritage and antiquities Department Syed Sardar Shah and all concerned authorities to take result oriented and pragmatic measures to save our cultural heritage.