Coronavirus is challenging situation but here education looks so: Sidra Rao


Islamabad,( Parliament Times) :  According to Global Times Media Report, Private TV Anchor Sidrah Rao said that corona virus should be eradicated,not education. She said that on March 11, 2020,The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the epidemic Covid-19, which was first reported in Wuhan China in December 2019,has become a global epidemic. Expressing grave concerns about the spread and severity of the epidemic, the WHO called on governments to take immediate and comprehensive action to stem the spread of the epidemic.It has exposed the economic, social and administrative capabilities of big countries. It has revealed to everyone how much they are capable of dealing with any major accident and how they can protect themselves from these accidents. Security,conflicts, contradictions ,wars, political, economic and social inequalities between rich and poor, especially health infrastructure and investment in human beings were also badly exposed.Private TV channel anchor Sidra Rao said in an interview with Global Times Media Europe that,The Corona virus threat has hit our education system hard.We live in that part of the world where emergency situation is not new for us,We are accustomed to these sort of situations. However,now the situation is a bit different because these conditions have become a test for our education system.Online education in Pakistan is not standardized at the university level,so how is it possible in schools online ?? Online is impossible,especially at the primary level,so the government should ensure strict implementation of SOPs and schools should not be closed.Parents struggle to convince their children towards learning.Upper Class can arrange tuition for the children,the lower and middle class children become as if they have never gone to school.
The role of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has also been disappointing,for example,when the students were protesting, the HEC administration did not negotiate with them,did not take a stand and did not ask the teachers about these issues.In the first epidemic in Corona,it was stated that children would be promoted and this happened in schools and colleges, but the Higher Education Commission for Universities could not formulate a clear policy. In comparison to other countries,we are providing the most expensive internet to the students.Can’t students be exempted from internet tax for their educational needs?And can’t the government waive the tax on laptops and smartphones for students?These are the questions that are on the minds of every student that need attention.