Government and public cooperation needed in curbing tobacco diseases


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) :  Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) General Secretary and Director Operations Sana Ullah Ghumman said that everyone should contribute to the prosperity of the country, parents should keep their children away from the causes of diseases, and the main duty of the government is the health of the people. By implementing health levy, save Rs. 615 billion spent on diseases every year and spend it on public health.
Talking about the importance of implementation of Health Levy Bill, Sana Ullah Ghumman said that Rs 615 billion is spent on treatment of tobacco related diseases every year.If health levy had been imposed two years ago,So far billions of rupees could have been saved,Which would reduce the burden of diseases by spending on public healthIt would have generated an additional revenue of Rs 55 billion annually. Serious nations take all possible steps to make their children healthy. This does not mean that our government is not serious,But it is the government’s responsibility to keep tobacco and other related products out of the reach of the public.Tobacco is the cause of many diseases, including heart disease, we must take all possible measures to protect our children from it and stand in the ranks of developed countries.