STZA supports Pakistan’s largest Hackathon by Remotebase & JS Bank

ISLAMABAD, (Raja Furqan Ahmed) :  Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) is supporting Pakistan’s largest hackathon by Remotebase, a Pakistani tech startup that seeks to revolutionise the tech ecosystem of Pakistan. According to the details, STZA falls under the Cabinet Division of the Government of Pakistan and has been working to progress a pioneering and intelligent tech network and to reassure modern innovative solutions and revolutionary entrepreneurship in Pakistan. In due course, STZA intends to construct information networks that will utilise Pakistan’s technology potential. The goal is to set Pakistan on the route of a high-tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem for the advancement & development of the country. Promoting modern technology and economic value is also the primacy of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Such initiatives help harness overall global economic growth. Remotebase, which recently raised $1.4 million is reinventing hackathons by collaborating with STZA for Pakistan’s largest virtual hackathon, Remotebase Hackfest 2021, powered by JS Bank Limited and Co-hosted by Ejad Labs. The event is sponsored by tech giants and tech-driven startups, like Redis and Swvl. While speaking about Remotebase Hackfest, Shibli Faraz, the Minister of Science and Technology said: This initiative by Remotebase is proof that there is no shortage of interest and in order to truly prosper, we must have strong support from all the players in the network. Everyone has to play a part, and as the government, we want to make it categorically evident that our visions aligned with our tech community.” As stated by Abdul Rahim Ahmad, CIO STZA: “Our mission is to facilitate economic growth through knowledge, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Through joining forces with Remotebase for Hackfest, we will enable collaboration between industry, academia, and the government for a technology driven Pakistan. Software engineers, UI/UX designers and project managers, will compete in teams from across the nation to solve innovative challenges. They will also enjoy pitching their respective ideas to top international investors. Talha Masood, CTO of Remotebase expressed his thoughts on Hackfest: “Einstein believed that the only source of knowledge is experience. Remotebase Hackfest will give Pakistani engineers the experience they need and deserve.” Pakistan’s top tech talent is anticipated to be a part of Remotebase Hackfest with the winning prize of PKR 1 million. Apart from the top three winning teams, Remotebase has introduced various award categories for the Hackfest, including Audience Choice, Best Designed Project, Best Written Code, Most Functional Project, and Investors’ Award. According to Qasim Asad Salam, CEO of Remotebase: “Utilizing Pakistani youth’s skills and talent constructively is the need of the hour. Through opportunities like Hackfest, Remotebase aims to contribute towards Pakistan’s IT and knowledge ecosystem by providing international standards of learning to the youth so that they can thrive within the country.” Front-runners in respective award categories will take part to win prizes of over PKR 2.5 million along with exclusive mentorships with veteran FAANG engineers, tech innovators, and investors from all across the world. The competition will begin in earnest on Saturday 17th September and finish on Sunday 19th September 2021. To enter, all aspiring applicants can register on: and build their teams.

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