PMT stage protest against lack of basic facilities in Thatta



THATTA: Members of PORHIYAT MAZAHMAT TAHREEK, a social organization, took out a protest procession against lack of basic facilities in the low-lying areas of Thatta district here on Sunday. leading the protest Sadam Halo, Bilawal Jakhro, Baghi Jakhro and others said that the class discrimnation and the feudalism had brought disparity in the society owing to which the people of underprivileged areas were facing worst poverty followed by paucity of basic amenities of life.
Bilawal Jakhro said that the elected representatives seemed uninterested in resolving the years-long issues of the people of the backward areas adding that they had failed even to provide basic facilities to these people who play an instrumental role in bringing them to power. They carried banners in their hands that read “What is our Offence, Why we are deprived of Rights’ ‘There were no schools, hospitals, basic infrastructure, clean potable water and other basic facilities due to which they could not even think of progress, said Baghi Jakhro. He said that without basic facilities development of our society was unfeasible.
Iqbal Jakhro said that there were Basic health Units in few areas but without doctors and schools without teachers adding that the underground water being consumed by people in these areas had now turned brackish that had caused waterborne disease in several villages of the district. He said that these areas had no proper infrastructure of roads adding that since a large population of these areas are either daily wage earners or farmers they faced a host of problems in reaching their workplaces. They demanded concerned quarters and the stakeholders for provision of basic facilities in the low lying areas of district Thatta.