Lawyers Convention held at Supreme Court Bar Association;.


A large number of lawyers from all over the country participated,

Islamabad,(Special Correspondent) : According to Global Times Media Report, Lawyers Convention was held in SCBA. According to the details, President of Peshawar High Court Bar Association Bahlol Khattak addressed the lawyers convention in Islamabad yesterday,He first announced the convening of the Peshawar High Court Bar Lawyers Convention on September 25,then he presented a resolution called “Protection & Support Act” for the sovereignty and protection of lawyers in the presence of all leaders and senior lawyers, All the leaders and senior lawyers present at the Islamabad Convention passed the resolution by an overwhelming majority.
President Peshawar High Court Bar Association Advocate Bahlol Khattak said that No one in any field has made such great testimonies and sacrifices as the great sacrifices made by the lawyers for the supremacy of law and constitution who sacrificed their lives for the supremacy and restoration of law and constitution.Peshawar High Court President Bahlol Khattak Advocate said in an interview with Chief Executive of Global Times Media Europe Ikramuddin,that about 112 lawyers were martyred for the rule and restoration of law and order in which 67 lawyers were martyred and 12 lawyers were burnt at the same time in Karachi.The only fault of these lawyers was that they wanted the rule of law and constitution in the country.They did not take the oath to sacrifice their lives but took the oath to uphold the rule of law.We also face the false allegations against the judges and the structure of their discretion should be controlled, not discriminated against. There should be a process of accountability but the right should be based on truth and justice. Since a few days ago, senior lawyer Shaukat Khan was killed along with his wife in nowshera and a young lawyer Waqas was also killed innocently, so we will work together within the law and the constitution. The history of lawyers has shown that we have never been and will never be on our knees before a dictatorial system, be it civil, military or judicial. On the contrary, in the history of Pakistan, we have made great efforts and sacrifices to restore the rule of law and constitution in a peaceful manner and still we will not refrain from making sacrifices.He said that whatever decisions are taken now will be based on merit and equality and the opinion of lawyers has to be taken into consideration and at this time the consciousness of lawyers is skyrocketing. Lawyers are the most legally and constitutionally conscious class. Therefore, their opinion should be fully respected and their voice should be listened to.

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