Opposition against electoral reforms constantly hurdles policies: Governor


LAHORE:   Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that in order to make next elections fair, government is working with sincerity. Opposition is an obstacle in the way of free and fair elections as it is opposing electoral reforms.

He stated this while addressing the media in Lahore in an opening ceremony of the Tree Plantation Campaign. He said that the government is inviting all the political parties to sit together on the matter of electoral reforms from the day one, but the opposition is not ready to hold dialogue with the government on this important issue, adding that still there is time, the opposition should talk with the government to make the next elections transparent.

Governor Punjab said that fingers have been raised on every election that has been held in Pakistan so far, but the PTI Government wants to make the next elections totally transparent so that even the losing candidate could not object to its transparency. He reiterated that other than electronic machine there is no option for transparent elections. Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar further said that we have told the opposition time and again that the government is not scared of their Long March and threat of protest. The government is not going anywhere before 2023, he added. The elections will be held on time and people will decide with the power of their vote that which party they want to see in next government.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar said that the whole world is appreciating the Clean and Green Program of Pakistan which was started under the leadership of Imran Khan, adding that the way, government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf work on Plantation Drive is unprecedented. Every citizen should fulfill his duty by participating in Plantation drive. Chaudhry Mohammed Sarwar urged that Public – Private partnership is very important for the progress of the country. He said that the PTI led government has saved Pakistan from economic bankruptcy. Due to Gsp plus status, Pakistan has got benefit of Twenty-Four billion dollars so far. He said the doors of Governor House are open for the business community and the government is solving them on a priority basis.