Corruption in Education


Noori Rashid
Actually, corruption in education contributes to poor education outcomes, Diversion of school funds robs school for resources, while nepotism and favoritism can put unqualified teachers in classrooms. Bidrigging may result in textbooks and supplies inferior quality of education. Corruption in education is just a consequential problem in Pakistan. It pervades the whole world.even those countries which are developed in the term of education .Eventhough, corruption in education is became a global issue which can destroy the future of the students. The budgets and funds under different heads are massively misappropriated, hundreds of schools in rural areas remain discussed and the teachers do not appear for work or they have outsourced their jobs by giving some parts of their salaries. This is because, corruption undermines every aspects of educational system among which are political development, economics development, social development are being damaged. In Pakistan, corruption in education is institutionalized in such a way that it has become the norm, while other countries are involved but at the individual level and clandestine manner. Pakistan’s education sector is rife with well qualified degrees and will knowledge because of corruption in education. It is a recent news that a man who has done MPL in Karachi is today selling biryani on the road just because of being jobless. At any condition he has to feed his family and government is not ready to help so the last caption was this for him. So, I request that if any of your school, college, university teachers is involved in corrupt practices so be informing the educated offices