Taliban Regime and Renewal of True Islamic Fundamentalism


Rafia Ali Abbasi
The dimness of the stars is evidence of the bright morning The sun has risen over the horizon; the time of the deep slumber has passed The world’s narrative about Islam and Islamic fundamentalism is always taken as evil or in a deleterious sense, for the reason, that Islamophobia has deep-rooted in their minds. And they misquoted Islam as a religion of terror, besides the words and deeds associated with it. It has also taken in contexts of extremism likewise the word “Islamic Fundamentalism” has been portrayed as malevolent by the west. Nevertheless, the reality is far different than what the pseudo-liberals claim. In my point of view, Islamic fundamentalism entails a reoccurrence of the original Islamic scriptures and faith. It is often clear as the revivalists, puritanical or the reformist’s movements of Muslims, who have right to do for purifiedemblems of Allah Almighty and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The fundamentalist is the person who strictly adheres to the ancient teachings and scriptures of any religion not only links with Islam, but the moment when people hear the word “fundamentalist” they start thinking of a Muslim and Islam in a destructive context. In fact, Judaism and Hindutva movements are truly based on racists, extremists, and vicious fundamentals however they are not highlighted as fundamentalist. Therefore Islamic fundamentalists argue that the majority of Muslim countries should govern on the ground rules of an Islamic State. No doubt, the variant of fundamentalism likewise exists in other religions as well, have also emphasized to work on basis of theirs religious rudiments. For this reason, that enthusiasts of whichever religious conviction can rely on, in a sagacity, be known as “fundamentalists” in their pursuit to conform to the fundamental doctrines of their faith. Since fundamental radicals suing to return to the original connotation of the religion are in the circumstance of mobilizing modern discontent by hook or crook, identified as “Islamic revivalists,” or as “Islamic fundamentalists” instead of extremists. The scrimmage between ISIS and other extremist groups with the Taliban is now illustrating misunderstandings about the Taliban, and status quo in Afghanistan is currently enlightening that who are the real representatives and protagonists of Islam and the Muslims –will further changing the metanarrative about Taliban. Furthermore, “Islamic revivalists” and “Islamic fundamentalists” comprehend a wide range of religious interpretations and religious zeal, together in the devout sphere and also in the juncture of religion and politics. Certain fundamentalists have extremely politicized Islam’s image; on the other hand, many fundamentalists contend not to have a political suite. The various factions of Islamic fundamentals in the contemporary world like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, and many groups who all of it to achieve their political and personals goals other than what really Islam and Jihad demand. Whereas the “Talibs” has a strong emphasis on religious adherence on the basis of Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah, exertions in light of original and peaceful fundamentals of Islam.Taliban cannot be defeated by the foreign invaders nor by the Afghan government, which illustrates the Enchanting power and strength with well-fared strategies. They came up with more advanced and diverse strategies than the Afghan National Armed forces and its allies. The Three-fold strategy of the Taliban enshrined the grand stratagems for the future of Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the Taliban have got around occupying the entire parts of Afghanistan including the chunks of urban and ruler districts except Panjsheer. Previously they concentrated on the districts that enabled them to surround certain provincial capitals. Where they can actually seal off those capitals from reinforcements and thus succeeded in their plans, encountering extremists groups and Afghan forces inside different parts of Afghanistan.At this stage, the Taliban are also assisting US armed forces for the peaceful withdrawal by 31st of August in a well-coordinated manner.Their intelligence and intellectual steps have proven their strength and willingness to rule over Afghanistan peacefully. Days ago, bomb blasts were reported in Kabul airport and its nearby areas. Where more than 170 people were killed including thirteen US soldiers, and at least 200 injuries were recorded by the officials of Afghanistan’s Ministry Of Public health. Taliban Blamed ISIS for this attack, whereas the US and UK gave another warning for Kabul Airport. So the situation is now clear that the Taliban are protecting the Afghan Nationals and the dignity of the nation. Taliban spokesman while addressing the Afghanis at Kabul international Airport that “Afghanistan is your homeland, live your life accordingly and we- Taliban are here to protect you and obviously our country Afghanistan, we pledge the absolute freedom of all and human rights under the sharia law.” They have also assured the women’s right to education and work. On the other side spoilers and terrorists, groups are continuously targeting the agenda of the Taliban to further create a false narrative about the Taliban as a sign of terror and a threat to humanity. Nevertheless, it’s a code of nature that right is always true and righteous. Muslim nation all across the world is now appreciating Taliban’ and its allies, the way they are doing because of their faith in unity and responsibility towards Ummah. The majority of Muslim states are enduring yet an additional segment of the Politics of Ummah. Though, attentiveness of their internal defies, they are correspondingly determined to come to terms by means of their geopolitical preeminence in accordance with their peculiar economic and political representativeness. As the notion of Ummah has at all times endured significant importance to the Muslim world, essentially as a religious spirit of harmony. At the same time, it has been experiencing a course of deconstruction, where various states and also non-state actors have been determining its new delineations. Countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, and Iran many other non-Muslim states including China, Russia are also recognizing the bravery and indissoluble strength of the Taliban after their stunning takeover of Afghanistan. Whereas US political leaders are also being witnessed for instance they have started accepting the Taliban regime in Afghanistan apparently. As they believe that the Taliban will help them to deal with ISIS and other extremist groups working against the United States of America. The leadership of the Muslim world like Tayyaib Erdogan and Imran khan are also supporting them and desiring to have stability and peace in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Hence the Metanarrative about the linkage of Islamic fundamentalism with extremism and global terrorism has proven wrong. Taliban’ are not extremists rather I must say that they are the real defender of Islam and the Afghan nation. Being Islamic revivalists they sacrificed a lot in the last two and half decades to restore the dignity of the Afghan nation and efforts to implement the true interpretations of Islam and sharia law in Afghanistan- for the dawn arises from the blood of a hundred thousand stars. Seeking friendly relations with countries all over the world, they also believe in the phenomena of interdependence and cooperation with the rest of the world. Under Sharia law, they have assured all the comfort of Afghan individuals.