Backward Balochistan


Mehwash Aman
When one listens the name of Balochistan really thinks about about a great treasure. Unfortunately, it is highly ignored even which is known the richest province in Pakistan. According, to the subject of politics is the main field from where the socio economic prosperity of a nation begins. If the politics of a country is effectual and efficient. It greatly, helps the economy to grow exponentially. The politics lacks these required qualities the same country cannot stand on it’s economic feet then it needs timely bailouts from outsiders. Crroupt so called and incompetent politicians have deprived natrurally rich Balochistan of it’s due progress and modernization. The god gifted province is under the clutches of poweful and self interested leaders who have decided to stick to power till drying the province up on fronts. While diagnosing the protracted backwardness of resource rich Balochistan the province is always compared with the rest of Pakistan the first injustice to province is that it is compared with crisis ridden corruption stricken and poorly governed Sindh Punjab Kpk. It is tantamount to solving one deeply seated issue with an other to expect a desirable result. One should bear in mind that we are surviving in the twenty first century so it is imperative to compare Balochistan with advanced and prosperous nation so as to ascertain it’s basic issues properly. If Balochistan is compared with the administrative units of united states and other developed European countries there appers a large number of striking differences and political economic educational fronts. To start with the political system in these developed countries is genuinely democracies completely inclusive largely transparent result orientated the public is educated enough that they cast votrs in favour of the best candidates and keep a canstant watch on their elected representatives. On the other said the corruption ridden politics in balochistan is bereft qualities of democracy. Politics is rather undemocratic and based on substantial affluence and and unchangeable influence of feudal lords aristocrats quasi nationalists and dynastic rulers some selective people have monopolized power by looting embezzling and plundering and using the same money to purchase votes on the oven of elections. These so called democratic representatives in complicit with self serving and highly corrupt bureaucracy aviod praying taxes calculated to amass looted and black money in their multiple accounts in and autside of the unfortunat province.