Javed Iqbal Badhanvi’s great reception in the history of Nakyal

 MLA AJK Assembly Javed Iqbal Badhanvi’s great reception in the history of Nakyal Thousands of Jaylas attended. Javed Iqbal Badhanvi’s war on the Karelvi family. The system of monarchy ended has been done. The Creole family is the uncrowned king of corruption. They have illegally occupied and built properties. Javed Iqbal Badhanvi’s smoky speech.
KOTLI,(Parliament Times): Haji Javed Iqbal Badhanvi’s stormy visit to Nakyal after his victory from Nakyal constituency. Thousands of people greeted him at the place of hats. Haji Javed Iqbal Badhanvi was received at Padawah Chowk. He carried Haji Javed Iqbal Badhanvi on his shoulders to the meeting hall. Speakers Javed Iqbal Badhanvi is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of Azad Kashmir. He said that for the next hundred  years, no member of the Karelvi family would come to power Address by Javed Iqbal Badhanvi
He will have to answer to the Patwari and other employees of the administration and forest department who abuse Naeem Khan as a tool. They are not employees of Naeem Khan. They say they will set fire to shops in Nakyal. We have fifty, we have three hundred . Our people have made it by hard work. You have illegally occupied and built buildings on people’s lands. In the nakyal. The war is between the oppressor and the oppressed The sun of oppression has now set. Now it’s their turn. I am grateful to the people of Nakyal who voted for me and won. All the people will work on merit. He said that Pakistan under the leadership of Chaudhry Yasin. The PPP will be stronger. He said that the next government in Pakistan will be of Pakistan Peoples Party. All the provinces including Azad Kashmir will form the government with overwhelming majority. He said that it is time to block the road. “I will go to every village in Nakial and thanks everyone, and I am there 24 hours a day for public service. He said I am just a servant of the peoples
Other speakers include Chaudhry Sher Alam Advocate, Chaudhry Kausar, Fazal Karim Chauhan, Sardar Shakeel Karilvi, Khurram Bashir Karilvi, Shamshir Al Hassan, Wasim Akram, Khalid Raza Advocate, Sardar Wasim Mujeeb, Haji Wazir Badhanvi, Shamim Raza Advocate and other speakers. Also addressed the reception