Dr. Malik Hameedullah conveys message on Pakistan Defense Day


Karachi:  Message on Pakistan Defense Day, Dr. Malik Hameedullah Awan said that September 6 is a reflection of the unparalleled spirit of courage and sacrifice of the brave armed forces.
In his special message, he said that 56 years ago, the armed forces and the zealous nation proved to the world. We are always ready to defend the motherland at all costs. The nation and the armed forces have proved that volume does not matter. It is passion, enthusiasm and courage that matters the most.
He further said that India had violated the UN Charter by repealing Articles 370 and 35A. India has imposed terror and fear on innocent Kashmiris. India is also behaving aggressively on the Line of Control. The purpose of these provocations is to divert the world’s attention from Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr Malik Hameedullah clarified that Pakistan is a champion of peace but it should not be considered as our weakness. The world must realize that our desire for peace is for the economic well-being and prosperity of the people of South Asia. We need to work together for peace and a brighter future for future generations.
Our determined nation and brave armed forces are fully capable of defending the country. We are fully prepared to face any situation. On the occasion of September 6, we salute our martyrs and conquerors. Today, we renew our commitment to Pakistan’s defense, security and sovereignty. Renewal of the commitment made by the martyrs and conquerors of the 1965 war.