6th September the day of boldness


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
History always remember the remarkable sacrifices of those heroes who give priority to the nation than their lives, this day marks the boldness of those heroes who faced the unpalatable problems in the war with great spirit and enthusiasm. This was the day where not only the soldiers participated to save the nation from ostentatious, and bellicose, but also the civilian were ready to sacrifice their lives for their motherland. The heroes fought fearlessly and boldly to protect their country’s people. This defensive war not only won by Pakistan but became the the inheritance of courage to the whole nation. The hypocrite enemy Indian Army forces crossed the borders from western Lahore in the dark night, no doubt Pakistan army was unaware at that time but this sudden attack increased the spirit and enthusiasm of army and civilian to sacrifice their lives for the integrity of Nation. At that time, The hero of Pakistan Major Aziz Bhatti was in the Burki area of the Lahore sector, Throughout, undaunted by constant fire from enemy shell arms, tanks and artillery, he organized the defense of the canal, directing his men to answer the fire until he was hit by an enemy tank shell which killed him on 10 September 1965. There were many heroes who fight tacitly and faced unsavoriness happily, we people can’t forget the sacrifices of such heroes who sacrifice their lives proudly. This event not only remarks the sign of boldness but it’s a slap against the flagitious, and bellicose enemy who always try to stultify us but every time they become stultify by us.