Bilawal Bhutto removed Sardar Gulnwaz Khaliq basic membership of the party

KARACHI,(Parliament Times): Pakistan Peoples Party  President of Azad Kashmir Sindh Zone and Sardar Faisal Khan, a former candidate for the Legislative Assembly constituency of Pallandri Azad Kashmir, has said that Sardar Gulnawaz Khaliq Advocate, like other party workers, became a candidate for the party ticket in the recent elections 2021. Extremely baseless and fabricated allegations and insults against party leaders and central leaders on all social and print media, including the coup and even private gatherings.
Taking note of which Party Chairman Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari without issuing any show cause notice not only removed him from office but also terminated his basic membership of the party. They have now been expelled from the PPP in Azad Kashmir. We will not tolerate any rhetoric or baseless allegations against the central leadership of the PPP or the party workers. He was speaking to media persons at the party secretariat on Sunday.Sardar Faisal Khan strongly condemned the rhetoric against the late former Prime Minister Raja Mumtaz Hussain Rathore and Central Secretary General Faisal Mumtaz Rathore in social and print media and warned that in future you False allegations and absurd statements will be answered in full.
There is no doubt that in politics sometimes the party cannot accommodate every worker according to its intention or desire and then the big party of the country like PPP where there is a long line of workers for a position or adjustment. There are also some workers who are offended, which is also felt by the central leadership. But some opportunists and vested interests cannot digest the honor and name given by the party leadership and workers and begin to consider themselves greater than the party chairman and central leaders. He warned Sardar Gulnawaz Khaliq that when you were in the party, it was an internal matter of you and the party leadership in which we did not interfere. Now that you have been expelled from the PPP for rebellion and breach of discipline. Will no longer tolerate any rhetoric or nasty accusations against PPP central leadership or party workers
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