Fame Addiction


Usama Mahesar
A dog that is denied attention and love is going to have a much worse quality of life than one that is given attention. People are the same way, even many of those who are introverted or misanthropes or self-styled curmudgeon, are subconsciously addicted to attention (fame) at some level.We all have a deep psychological need, comparable to the need for food and water or for shelter, that is to be approved by people. This is why fame is so attractive, and it’s what fuels everyone’s desire for fame in the first place.With the growing number of famous Instagram influencers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and the growing ease of access to fame, it makes everyone want their share of it.Everybody wants some type of fame. Social media is built around this concept; people enjoy their own smaller version of fame on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The traditional perception of fame was limited to and associated with only big musicians, politicians, sports stars, and actors — it’s no longer the case now since anyone can use social media to get attention and feel like a celebrity.When you look at it, fame, for a lot of people, is really just an understandable addiction for constant attention, love, and approval, which is a problem.With so many individuals (especially young ones) who see fame as a way to get respect, validation, or love, we need not dismiss the desire to become famous or curse the idea of fame — if we just understand that fame can not and does not offer what’s expected of it (true love and appreciation), we may be able to decide if it’s really worth it. It might be hard for you to accept and live with the fact that someone other than you is getting so much attention and “love” while you’re not; you may feel less important, worthless or “lower” in the presence of one who is being treated a lot better because of his celebrity, you may feel like you need to do something to make yourself feel more important. But once you truly understand that fame is neither a solution for neglect nor a shortcut to friendship or love, you’ll hopefully put more effort into the things that actually do matter in life.