Why does the moon look so beautiful?


Hazaran Rahim Dad
Literature defines and preserves one’s history. It informs the subsequent generations about their great tales. Balochi literature plays an important role in providing awareness to the young generation about their culture, history and social issues. There are many popular novels in Balochi literature but the short story “Why Does The Moon Looks So Beautiful” has its own distinctive place. The book contains thirteen short stories. Each story carry the real essence of Balochistan. In contrast with these fictional stories, similar real stories are taking place in every corner of Balochistan which Dr Naguman has presented beautifully in this book. “Why does the moon looks so beautiful” is a collection of Balochi short stories, Authored by the well-known Balochi linguist and short story writer Dr Naguman. He is regarded the most important fictional writer in Balochi Literature. His collection of short stories, titled ‘Dar ay Aps’ (The Wooden horse) was translated into English by Fazal Baloch entitled as “why does the moon look so beautiful” . Fazal is considered a pioneer in Balochi literature due to his countless translations of Balochi works into English. Both Fazal Baloch and Dr Naguman keep a strong place in their own area of expertise and are remarkable figures for the development of Balochi literature.Some of the powerful and thought-provoking stories include The Baby, The Gold Necklace, Why does the moon look so beautiful, The Wind, The travelers in the midday sun, The Destination, and The wooden horse The Baby is a very emotional story. It entails the brave distinction about a mother, her life after giving birth to a child, and the complexities of Motherhood which are most of the time ignored. The Baby, in true terms, depicts the womanhood and the scenario of Balochistan. It is the story of a woman Namely Mahikan, who seems so happy with her baby and her husband thinking that they have lost their love amid their baby. Because Mahikan is all the time engaged with the baby. The story goes on until one day the child get sick. Late at night they take them to the village doctor and later the next day they are devastated with the loss of their baby. The baby would have survived if they were in a place which had Healthcare facilities but Balochistan lacks all the medical facilities. On the other hand, it truly depicts the Motherhood; how a woman loses herself with death of her baby. She sacrifices everything in nurturing the baby. Though when the baby dies still she yearns. Dr Naguman captures the attention of the readers in the wind. The story is placed in Deenabad. Where the people are awakened of the sleep and helplessness has taken over them due to the extremely hot weather. The story reveals the suffering of Noshki ‘Nukes’ aftermaths. People’s skins are burnt. People are desperate and going crazy for wind. They are in such a devastating and humanless situation. after the nukes, the Deenabad climate remains unchanged. People in hope that one day the wind shall blow from heaven because the Earth no more refuge them. The writer further raises serious and brave questions about the reality and bitterness of Baloch Society in his short story ‘The Destination’. This story follows the story of two lovers, who are together by love but separated by Religion. As on a moonlit night, Mahmjan who belonged to Zikri Community, and Noorjan who belonged to a Nimazi sect chooses love over all the illicit societal norms. love sees no religion and no boundaries. But such as in Baloch society there are some social boundaries that one must not cross and elopement is one of them and the most major case. One is not supposed to marry in another religious community. For that people suffer the worst consequences – death. And that’s what happens in The Destination. Where love loses and Society and honor wins. Whereas in the Gold Necklace, the author confronts the existence of a woman in Baloch society and how it feels like to be a woman when such norms exist. The story explains that most Baloch women are bounded and restricted their whole lives. They are deprived of their opinions, freedom, and choices especially in choosing their life partners, and coerced into forced marriages in the name of the Family’s Honour and reputation. On the other hand, the story also shows how women must take a stand and choose their freedom over boundaries. The travelers in the midday sun show the lives of the Baloch people and their deprivation. It’s a story of a city boy who loses his father and takes the burden of his family, searches for a job and gets the job in the village as a teacher. On a very sunny day, he travels to the village. He gets tired and sleeps under a tree where he meets a Shepard and there he realizes there is suffering. Baloch is suffering and deprived. They have no schools and no teachers. He thinks that he has got the worst fate by teaching the village students, while Shepard is glad of his fate as a teacher who will educate the Village child. Thus, this collection of short stories is much recommended, especially for Baloch readers because it contains our own stories. As one of the greatest African Writer Chinua Achebe says ” Storytelling is a creative component of human experience and to share our experiences with the world, we as Africans need to recognize the importance of our own stories”. And by reading “why does the moon look so beautiful” , we get the idea of how our writers are important and our stories matters. As these stories are shorts, but they leave a long-lasting impact. Because all these stories contain our everyday life stories.

(Dr Naguman has beautifully executed his stories and leaving a question behind regarding the reality of our society.)