Fawad’s Jhelum On The Path Of Development

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Naeem Kandwal
In Pakistan’s 74-year history, Federal Minister Fawad Ch is the first elected representative to put Jhelum on the path to development. It is heartbreaking that District jhelum has been one of the ignored areas of Pakistan despite it is rich in many tourist sites. Jhelum is one of the oldest historic districts of Punjab. It was established on 23 March 1849. Jhelum is known for providing many soldiers to the British and later to the Pakistan armed forces due to which it is also known as city of soldiers or land of martyrs and warriors. There are coal and Salt mines in the district. These are the only coal mines in Punjab province which are in working condition. The chief center of the salt trade is Pind Dadan Khan. According to the history, the salt tunnel was first discovered by Alexander’s troops in 320 BC. It has many tourist sites like Khewra Salt Mine, Fort Rohtas, a monument of Alexander the Great and Tilla Jogian Complex of Ancient temples. This historic area has been continuously neglected since the establishment of Pakisan. Water is a fundamental human need but unfortunately the people of PD Khan have been deprived of this. Jalalpur Canal Project is a glorious achievement of Fawad Ch. The project is 121 years old which has been continuously neglected before and after the establishment of Pakistan. The project will create new non-perennial irrigation services for enhanced agricultural production on 79,750 ha in Pind Daden Khan and Khushab districts. It will increase kharif crop intensity by 50%, improve crop yield and reduce land degradation. It will directly benefit over 500,000 rural people; mostly poor. The project will be completed by 2024 at a cost of Rs 45 billion. Roads and highways have always been the backbone of a country’s growth. Fawad’s second major achievement is the approvement of Jhelum-Lillah Road. The project will change the destiny of the people of Mandi Bahauddin, Jhelum, Sargodha and Khushab and usher in a new era of development. The project will cost Rs 16 billion. Apart from this mega project, construction of several roads in Chak Shadi, Lillah, Pinanwal, Daulatpur, Golpur, Ahmad abad, Jhelum, Darapur and Pindi Said pur has also been completed.PD Khan , a region with an ancient history, has been suffering from constant deprivation since the establishment of Pakistan. The establishment of Passport Office was a long standing demand of the people of PD Khan which has been fulfilled by Fawad Ch. Some more welfare projects include provision of field mobile hospital in Dhudi Thal, construction of a football stadium in Khewra, construction of Pind Dadan khan Stadium, construction of Link Roads in Pind Dadan Khan, deployment of experienced staff in Health Sector, construction of Sanghoi Park, Upgradation of more than 40 schools and the establishment of an ICT lab at Alberoni College Pind Dadan Khan.In the global economy, tourism is one of the most noticeable and growing sectors. This sector plays an important role in boosting a nation’s economy. In Asian countries, the tourism industry is an engine of economic development and GDP growth. Jhelum is one of the cities of Pakistan with many tourist sites like Khewra Salt Mine, Fort Rohtas, a monument of Alexander the Great and Tilla Jogian Complex of Ancient temples. Fawad Ch has taken revolutionary steps to promote tourism in District Jhelum. As a result of his serious efforts, PM Imran Khan visited Jhelum. PM Imran Khan inaugurated national parks and tourism trail at Jhelum, PD Khan during his visit to Jhelum. Undoubtely, it will generate employmnet opportunities and increase livelihood. District Jhelum is rich with Punjabi culture, generosity of people, history, food and many more. This historic region needs a great leader forever. Undoubtedly, Fawad is a revolutionary leader. His revolutionary initiatives are highly commendable. Under his wise leadership, Jhelum is growing rapidly. If the journey of development continues like this, Jhelum will soon become developed district of Pakistan.

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