Harassing Women in Pakistan Goes Unchecked


Meraj Ghulam
Violence against women throughout Pakistan, be it rape, murder, forced-marriage and domestic violence remains an enormous issue. However, rape crime has become a daily basis incident in Pakistan. According to a report, revealed by Geo News, around 11 rape cases occur in a day with over 22,000 cases filed across the country in the last six years.This is a dilemma. Women in our society are not safe and secured. We are living in a society where daughters and women are referred as honour but due to sexual harrassment they have lost their dignity. Men put so much stress on women’s modesty which shows a provoking horror. However, rape is a crime in Pakistan where rapists would be sentenced 20 or 25-year prison and second term is death penalty which could be seen in less function. This rapid increasing sexual abuse caused severe effects to female education as well. Further, it’s never due to their outfits.Recently, in Nawakili, Quetta a seven years old kid named Mariyam was sexually abused by a forty years old man brutally, says some sources. A woman resident of Lahore was raped infront of her both children when her car ran out of petrol. Another victim is Uzma who was kidnapped in 2010 and captivated for a year. During this time she was constantly gang raped by a number of puppets people allegedly. Despite getting justice, Uzma along with her brother who were wandering court to court for seeking justice were attacked on December, 2011 outside the Karak court house. Her brother, Alamzeb Marwat was brutally killed. However, if we keep penning all the rape cases across the country, we would face a great shortage of pages as they are so many. The Human Rights Commission Pakistan (HRCP) resulted 430 cases of honor killing in 2020 where 363 victims were female. Ayesha Akram is another fresh victim among these incidents who was assaulted by around four hundred silly men at Minar-e-Pakistan on the independence day. It must be noted that she was in formal dress, too. Despite taking strict actions, it’s being said that she shouldn’t have walked there alone. So, do women have no rights to go outside? Being an Islamic country, it must be a contemptible act and should be punished exemplary.Pakistan is a patriarchal country. And it has been confirmed that it is the worst of the nine South Asian countries in terms of access to mobile phones, financial inclusion and discrimination against women. A 2008 survey reveals that 70% of women face domestic violence. Furthermore, another report revealed by Human Rights Watch demonstrates that 70-90 percent women suffered with some kind of domestic violence in Pakistan. It says that there is a rape occurs once every two hours and a gang rape every hour. About 5000 women are killed because of domestic violence in Pakistan per year. Women have rights of freedom of speech, and rights to seek education alike men. It’s said that they have part in their fathers’ properties. These rights were given when baby girls were being buried in Arabia as they were born. Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) asserted to them to not bury their baby girls because women are not ignominy but blessing of Allah. Women have rights to live as men and other creatures of Almighty Allah live. However, it depends on countries where whether women would feel themselves safe and secured or not. Sexual abusing is not only a matter of interest in Pakistan but western countries are influenced more. Generally, no country allows rape. Women must not be blamed but men should be warned in order to control themselves and their messy desires while dealing with women. No woman feels unsafe if every next standing man doesn’t gaze her with a sexual sight. Men should consider women respect and they must not look upon any woman with a sexual sense.Women continue to face violence due to failure of authorities. Very tragic situations are unfolding for women in Pakistan. The country’s deep concentration on the empowerment of women would surely raise a generation rebuilding peace and progress within country. Moreover, women play the best share in the development of a nation. Since then, their participation must never be disturbed by the assaultive performance. The country should work on the participation of women in socioeconomic, political, educational, social and other productive fields. Women’s respect and their great share within country must be respected.