Chinese quest for Global hegemony

Hidayat Nasar
China has been on the rise Since Mao Zedong Ascended the throne and more Specifically Since the start of 21st Century Chinese economy get boosted due to it’s involvement in Mega power Projects Constructions, railways , infrastructural developments and many more . With the coming of president Xi Jinping china extended her trade to the shores of Europe and islands of Africa. Chinese policy of economic growth is based in Chinese game of We qi,not western chess. in western chess , the emphasis is in finding the fastest way to capture the king. In we qi the goal is to slowly and patiently build up assets to the tip the balance of the game in one’s favor. The goal is a long term one , Not short term . China for years have acquired this strategy and his shifted the balance of game in her favor . Secondly , the Chinese have also learnt from their masters , what we now call ” the Art of Mastering ” people like Confucius and their teachings have had great impact on the Societal building And Economic growth of china. In the wake of benefits Pakistan, CPEC will also fuel the Chinese Economy. Confucius teachings were based on public morality, and government support. The communist party of China SINA MAO has been using this rhetoric for justifying their authoritarian rule and branding their Regimes legitimate . This helped in seeking public support and eventually economic growth. Moreover, projects like BRI have boosted the Chinese economy to a great Extent and is likely to prove as a catalyst in eradicating poverty across Eurasian land. One Example is of china Pakistan economic corridor(CPEC). this project is going to be a game changer for the state of Pakistan both economically and politically. Analysis are of the view that CPEC will prove as a tool in revamping the economic decline and will put the country on the track of prosperity. It is pertinent to mention here that the callous, fragile and incompetent policies of the US in combating the Chinese rise paved the way for a stronger and powerful china. The foolish and undiplomatic statements of Donald trump and his predecessors helped china in gaining worldwide support and new allies. Chinese rise is also attributed to her restrain from spending hugely on defense and focusing on economic development. Another factor that is responsible for the Chinese rise is the continuous and frequent diplomatic and geopolitical blunders of American policy makers. The decision of walking away from Iran’s pacific partnership and trump’s trade war against china actually proved as geopolitical gifts for china . Chinese way of advancing is principally based on the teachings of china greatest strategic masters , Sun Tzu , who said ” The supreme Art of war is to subdue your enemy without fighting ” . China has embarked upon containing its neighboring countries by Providing economic incentives . China as perceived as a menace for ASEAN in South China sea has also developed it’s Military Capabilities but has not been blamed for the unilateral use of power in Contrast the Unnecessary involvement of America in every region , i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan , Vietnam , Rwanda , Middle East , Etc. has reduced the American Capability to deploy resources against china .Another factor that led to American decline and the Rise of china is the misuse of the so called American impression of term soft power was the American impression of being domestically successful and having had enjoyed ” Spiritual Vitality ” In Reality ” the United states is not the champion of freedom but rather the perpetrator of Exploitation and oppression against the people of the world and against a large part of its own population . In contrast the Chineseembarked upon establishing economic relations with other counties for the militaristicnature of china reflects powerfulCivilizational impulse. what makes china lead the sphere of economic development is her persistent and frequent political stability and the culture of governance. China defeated the lethal and contagious coronavirus and her Economic activities are back to normal mode . inspite of being a humongous country , the institutions in china cooperated and responded as a whole to prevent the spread of Covid-19.It is estimated that Chinese economy which was contributing to the world economy only 3.4 percent in 2008 is going to rise by 24 percent till 2025. it will be aherculean task for the American leaders and policy makers to make u turns and prevent their counterpart china in this hazardous race of hegemony. By reducing defense budget Extending the sphere of trade network and patting an end to their Imperialist agendas. American can put their economic and geo political arch rival in real trouble . For china , it should stop intimidating it’s neighboring it’s neighbors and not tm its commercial hubs into military One’s.

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