Taliban: Whats Next

Naseebullah Achakzai,
President Ashraf Ghani has left the country and the Taliban has gripped the whole Afghanistan except the Vally of Punjshare. They have now become the sole authority of the state. Although, a governmental has never been a throne of Roses ? particularly a state like Afghanistan which has been in the clinches of choas, anarchy, unrest, political instability, economic fragility, and violence___but this time as compare to the previous government, the Taliban are fortunate enough to inherit a stable and strong Afghanistan in different perspectives. The countdown and test of the Taliban has started as how they lead Afghanistan in right direction. The former President Mr. Ashraf Ghani; no doubt committed blunders. He was surrounded by ill minded, short sighted, and hypocritic advisors. His stubborn attitude, his inablity to de_weaponize the warlords, failure in the reduction of corruption, non_success in unifying the local tribes, and his tilting towards India were some internal cases which swept him away. But, on the flip side, his contribution in the rebuilding of Afghanistan cannot be set aside and the novice government of the Taliban should leave no stone untouch in carrying the projects and institutional building of Mr. Ashraf Ghani.At a time when the Taliban took over the government during 1990s after the withdrawal of the former USSR, Afghanistan was in the clinches of choas, political unsteadiness, violence, might was right, ruined institutions, and devastated economy. The present Afghanistan is far better then that. The institutional stability, the progress in educational sector, the development of hospitals, the availibility of trained and competent brain, infrastructural growth, and most important is more or less a stable economy. The industrial sector is progressing in Afghanistan and the previous Afghan government was survying the country for untapped resources. In addition, during the first tenure of the Taliban government, Afghanistan was producing equall to none electricity while today its electricity generation capicity to 600 MW. Notwithstanding, the Ashraf Ghani administration was working on agricultural and water sectors by building myriad of Dams and reservoirs across the country. Furthermore, the credit goes to Ashraf Ghani, s givernment for an increased banking system and starting e_customs services in Afghanistan. The incumbant Taliban government must take these developments as blessing in disguise. The ground has already prepared for the Taliban, what is needed is the commitment of the Taliban governmnet to keep up them.If a window of opportunity appears , dont pull down the shade. The chief of Taliban negotiation team Mr. Mullah Abdul Ghani brather said after taking over Kabul that,” Their real trial has started now.” This is an historic and last opportunity for the Taliban. If they succeed, they will write history and will have long presence in the political arena of Afghanistan. If they fail, it will be a huge loss of not only of the Afghans but also of the Taliban too, who might no get such opportunity again in the future. What’s next for the Taliban; the continuation of the development projects of the previous government, the fulfillment of the Doha accord, assurance of women rights by empowering them, protection of human rights as a whole and human dignity, forming a constructive and comprehensive political set up, giving respect and protection of lives to the intellegentia and the educated class of Afghanistan, giving confidence of protection to the local tribe and bringing them into mainstream, spending on education and health sectors, security of protection of the assets of the businessmen, no compromise on the sovereignty of Afghanistan by not allowing foreigners to operate from the country, nomination of competent cabinet members, governors and staff for the running of state affairs, bringing back the administrative staff of the previous government and encouraging them to restart their services (As such staff belong to tye state not a specific government), a peacful and protective atmosphere for the investors, and the implementation of general amnesty with true spirit. The Taliban has succeeded in taking over the Afghanistan. The real win will be when it proves to be competent through governance system, creating a comprehensive political order based on democratic norms by adjustment of all ethenic and religious groups of Afghanistan, addressing the concerns of the neighbours and international community, and ending the tag of radical religious movement.

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