Mr. Saif-Ur-Rehman sharing experience of his setbacks and hardships, Challenges and eventually Success in his life

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An Exclusive Interview With Title Sponsor Of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) Chairman of SR Group Mr. Saif-Ur-Rehman Khan Niazi,

Saif-Ur-Rehman Khan Niazi was born in 1942 in the village of Shahbaz Khel on the outskirts of Mianwali at the home of Ghazi Abdul Rehman Khan Niazi; a Lieutenant Commander of the Pakistan Navy and a war veteran in 1971. He received his primary education from Shahbaz Khel. He studied in Karsaz in the sixth grade. He came to Peshawar in the seventh class because his father went to Muscat on deputation. He came to Peshawar with his uncle. He was a 7th Grade student when the War in Afghanistan started. When the situation in Peshawar deteriorated after the Afghan war, he returned to his hometown of Mianwali and studied there from the eighth to the tenth grade.
After his father’s return to his homeland, he went to Karachi once again and completed intermediate and graduation from there. Due to his father’s being in the army, military discipline is evident in his training.

An Exclusive Interview With Saif-Ur-Rehman:
In an earlier interview, Saif-Ur-Rehman Khan, Chairman of SR Group, was asked about the toughest thing about being a Role model for others. Let’s have a look at his struggling story from a local guy to an apple of a million eyes.

“When I graduated, I was interested in being an ASI in the Police”.

At that time, Habibullah Khan Niazi, DIG from Mianwali was in Rawalpindi who was a very good friend of my father. I came to him and requested him to recruit me as ASI. He replied to my father’s call to him so I went back to Karachi. And asked ‘Abu Jan’ to recommend me to DIG Habibullah Niazi to recruit me ASI. He told me that there is one ‘Source Ali’ and one is ‘Liaquat Ali’. We don’t need ‘Source Ali’ (Sufarish Ali). We need ‘Liaquat Ali’. Be what you can with your talent. Send me a call/ message and I will get your appointment letter ready now. He (DIG) had recruited so many people from Mianwali that it was not difficult for him to recruit me but he wanted my father’s will to be involved in it. But, I had another problem also. When I was in college, my father used to pay us tuition fees. We used to collect them and set up a stall of Eid cards or clothes in the Friday Bazaar. I was interested in doing something for myself. When my father retired in 1988, he sought to shift back to Mianwali, but I wanted to stay in Karachi and start my own business. I made leather jackets from Karachi and started supplying them to garment shops in Gujarat, Jhelum, etc. And started the struggle to start my own business. I also did jobs in different places. I am a totally self-made person. This is what I built my empire today.

I was not born with a golden spoon:

I was not born with a golden spoon I was the most incompetent of my brothers. My brother is an engineer in computer software, while I have a simple BA but I had a desire to do something. Then in 1995 I went abroad for employment and tried my luck in different countries. I stayed in South Korea, Malaysia and Africa. Wherever I went, I worked for a while but tried hard to run my own business. Later I went to Italy and tried to start my own business there. When the financial crisis hit Europe in 2012, I came back to Malaysia again. The situation in Europe at that time was that if we went to the bank to get our 3,000 euros, they would say come back three days later, there is nothing remaining in Europe.

In our country, people dream of going to Europe. When I used to come to the village, people used to tell me to take one lakh and twelve lakhs, but take our child to Italy. I would tell them to spend twelve lakhs and start a good business here instead of sending your child out. “So they said Niazi sahib you are sitting there yourself and do not want to take our children”.

My cruel time in Italy:

When I went to Italy, in the early days I had a very difficult time washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, whatever job I got, I was unemployed many times. One day I was sitting on the street crying, “ Ya Allah! No one wants to keep me even for difficult and small tasks. Spirit came into my life, then I changed my mind and I joined the mosques and became associated with the congregation and started preaching among the people. We started on weekends. We used to encourage people to go to the mosque instead of going to clubs. We also organized Dr. Zakir Naik’s program there.I was living there illegally in those days and

I, being a Journalist and difficulties in my way:

In those days I became associated with the journalism department and I became Resident Editor Of Express News. I interviewed the then president of Azad Kashmir, Raja Zulqarnain Khan. And interviewed Imran Khan.

For a long time, the tragedy of the political leaders of journalism was that they could not read, write or even speak. It was difficult for me to prepare all kinds of news and statements for them. We (Also other staff) used to prepare religious news for Maulvis, business news for businessmen and political news for politicians. When good news did not come in their sight, they used to complain.

Earthquake in AJK:

When there was an earthquake in Azad Kashmir in 2005, we had big charity programs in Italy. Some people said that I would give so many euros in aid. But when they left the program, they did not pay. Then I spread the news against them that the imams of the mosques and the contractors of the religion are not paying the money by announcing the aid money. Then, what happened? The society there turned against me. When I started my business there, these people started opposing me. It was also a tragedy that the chairmen of the mosque committees and other officials would come to the mosque for the program, eat and leave, and get up and go out during the prayers.
When the donations were announced in the mosques of the poors there, all the money was collected the following week, but the owners of our mosques used to sit on the TV channels of the UK and other countries to collect donations and eat themselves. The people who run the mosques were people who had nothing to do with religion. I used to get tired of writing for them.

Thank God! I have lived in Europe for 30 years but never been addicted to drugs or ever committed adultery.

Why left Journalism?

The reason I left journalism was that people were interested in self-interest. No one respected me from the heart. A journalist should be neutral. That’s what I used to do and if I wrote the news, people would get angry with me. The job of a journalist is to write the truth. It is the job of the people to decide what is right and what is wrong. A journalist should not be a party to anyone’s support or opposition. But people in the community there wanted me to have a party and support which I couldn’t. So I said goodbye to this profession.

Journey towards SR Group and KPL Sponsor:

You can’t be a SRG lawyer or a party for KPL because Saif-ur-Rehman is doing a good job. See what is the image of Pakistan, the image of Kashmir and the image of the community through SRG.
You give your opinion, the decision should be made by the people. Nowadays, everyone is a journalist on YouTube and asks people for money. When someone does not pay, they lower down respect.
After leaving journalism, I started a travel agency in Italy called Niazi Travels and entered the business world, then moved to Malaysia.

Business Journey:

In Malaysia, I started a restaurant called Al-Rahman Corner, did import-export work, then came to Cambodia and did business, and together with the Prime Minister there started working on cryptocurrency and then made it the hub of my business and started my own currency and launched its coin under the name RS which is currently valued at 5 dollars.

Cryptocurrency and Our Own ATM Machines:

We made our own ATM machines. When I went to attend a conference in the UK , I bought an ATM from there and installed it in Malaysia. Now we are 100% manufacturing it ourselves in which cryptocurrency can be cashed. We have filed a case here in the Lahore High Court to give legal status to cryptocurrency in Pakistan. It should be noted that when India banned cryptocurrency, Pakistan also banned it 24 hours later. Now it has been given legal status in India for a year but it is still illegal in Pakistan. Now it has been legalized to some extent in KPK. Now the FATF has a requirement to give it legal status.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the future. When Corona emerged, people in Europe set fire to notes out of fear of Corona. It is a digital currency that is safe. In its presence, the chances of corruption are reduced. It is online money and the new generation is familiar with its significant importance.
Digital currency eliminates duplication. It cannot be duplicated. The money trail is saved wherever it goes. The current situation is that you can open ten accounts on one ID card and find out whose account is opened. It doesn’t happen here. How billions of rupees came into the account of the rickshaw puller? How did the account of the rickshaw puller open? All this corruption cannot be done in digital currency. It has a record of where the money came from and where it went. Therefore, FATF is in favor of digital currency.

Nowadays, crime is being controlled by cyber. The cyber wing is being set up in the police and other institutions so that crime can be eradicated easily, but our government is not paying attention to this. It is not the government’s vision. Now they have the stick of FATF because if there is digital currency then the accounts of drug addicts will disappear. Digital currency cannot become a duplicate. It is a safe currency. It only has one email and one PIN code. The other cannot use it. Now the government will legalize it because the new installment of the loan will be available only if it is legalized.

I don’t have any business partner: 

I don’t have a partner in all the businesses around the world because if I have a partner, I have to follow his will. I spend three to five percent of my business in the way of Allah. First I planted a summer plant in Tharparkar and then built a mosque. In addition, I started a series of collective sacrifices, collective sacrifices are performed in different places every year.
In which three to four camels, eighty to ninety, two hundred and fifty goats. In areas where poor people cannot eat meat all year round, I try to get people to eat meat on Eid. Apart from this, they also perform mass marriages and help in the marriage of a poor girl’s daughter. There is a separate fund for poor and helpless women and orphans from where they are helped. We do this all over Pakistan. No specific area.

Our Rehman Shuhada Welfare Trust: 

We have set up a charity called Rehman Shuhada Welfare Trust through which the charity continues throughout the year. We do not collect donations from anyone but we spend from the profits of our business in the way of Allah. The recent floods in Karachi helped us deliver rations to many deserving people. We have an orphanage in Okara. Built three mosques in Peshawar.

I believe in healthy and wealthy environment:

I believe that it is very important to have healthy activities in any society. We believe that it is very important to continue sports activities for the betterment of the society. We promote sports whether it is cricket, hockey, football, basketball or any other sport, but we also promote sports of special people.

We have set up training centers for people who look down on them or think they are useless. They are more deserving in our eyes. Just last week we held a wheelchair tournament in Islamabad. In this way, the blind girls who are at home, we teach them to cook through special classes and teach them how to live like a normal human being. When Allah Almighty deprives someone of one thing, He gives him another thing more. In the same way, we have made deaf and dumb people a part of our system by training them, who are now earning one to one and a half lakh per month.

Keep humanity across the globe!
My business is functioning in 32 states of the world:

Our real capital is the prayers of the people. The more you take the prayers of the people, the more Allah Almighty gives you. The purpose of my coming to Pakistan was to serve my people. I have been living abroad for thirty years. I was not here. My business is running in 32 countries of the world.

We have changed the lives of the people and made them part of the lucrative business by converting them into cryptocurrency. Until recently, people who used to take self-help have in a few years been able to give rations to ten to twenty households.

We have a B4U cab business in Pakistan which has three software companies besides Careem Ober style. There are more than six thousand staff in Lahore to whom I pay a monthly salary of Rs. 35 Crore. My staff is approximately fifteen thousand. I pay them salaries up to Rs. 1 lakh. To date, I have not made any direct appointment to any of the servants.

The HR department recruits people on the basis of merit. We have also set a standard for the job that if three people are qualified for a post and their numbers are equal, then we prefer the one who memorizes the Quran for “Hafiz-E-Quran” . We prefer the one who loves religion in his job because he will have fear of Allah and not us. In addition, we have a transport business under the name of Comet. We have ordered 200 buses, of which 25 have arrived so far. They are equipped with the latest facilities and also LEDs under the name of Alpha TV. There is also an LED screen business called Alpha TV. Soon we plan to create 51 Geos channel with Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan. In addition, we have an agro-pharmaceutical factory in the name of agriculture. We have set up a factory at Soknal in Lahore where high quality agro-medicines are manufactured. We have more than 50 delivery vans that deliver agro-medicines all over Pakistan. Yes, our products are cheap and standard

We are making 70cc, 100cc and 125cc motorbikes under the name of REVOLD whose factory is in Korangi Karachi very soon we are also going to launch hybrid motorbikes. We have Rehman Dairy Farm in Pattoki where we have 200 Australian cows and our target is to bring 10,000 cows. Similarly we have a BRAVO superstore. At present one store is in Lahore and now we are building a warehouse. Very soon we will build about forty stores in other cities including Lahore. Besides, my wife has a beauty salon business named Romesa Beauty Parlor.

SR Productions is working on film making in Pakistan:

One of our companies called SR Productions is working on film making in Pakistan. In order to promote the soft image of Pakistan, we will make movies on the lives of the people of the security forces. In this regard, the work of making a film on Karachi City Police Officer Chaudhry Aslam is in full swing. The film was closed for three years and could not find a financier.

What will I get from making a film on the life of a martyr for the common people or for business people? Since my life has been spent in Karachi, I know that no one has as much hand in restoring the lights of Karachi as the Armed Forces. Whether it was the Pakistan Army, the intelligence agencies, the Rangers or the police and Chaudhry Aslam Shaheed had played a significant role in this.

Thousands of soldiers and officers have sacrificed their lives in War Against Terrorism. Films will be made under the banner of SR Productions to pay homage to them so that the soft image of Pakistan can be restored. There is a lot of scope for film making in Pakistan but standard film should be made here. I have many foreign business friends from whom when I talk about investing in Pakistan they used to say that Pakistan is not a safe country especially when people had concerns about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. That is why we sponsored the cricket tournament under the auspices of Yasir Shah Cricket Academy in Swabi and I myself conducted the Swabi Gaya tournament twice in its opening and final for two consecutive years. I have been coming to Pakistan continuously since 2018 and moving my business to Pakistan. In these two or three years, I have moved 20% of my business to Pakistan. Even now, 80% of my business is abroad, which is in 32 countries and 16 countries.

Property project in Lahore:
My Ambassador gone against my business plan in Pakistan

I started a property project in Multi Gardens in Lahore where I brought the Malaysian Ambassador. Because my company was Malaysia based. The ambassador told me that you have a bad mind as to why you are investing in Pakistan. Big companies have come to Pakistan from Malaysia and they have suffered all the losses. If your investment in Malaysia is safe, then I have a big problem with it. After all, I have money. I am bringing it here, so what is the matter with them?

When I started that project, I started other businesses. I thought that if anything happened to me, all my wealth would be abroad. I am here to die, no matter how much investment I make, I am a third class citizen there, so I have come to my country to earn respect. The greatest right belongs to one’s country, one’s territory and one’s soil. When I was in the UK, my target was to make an investment of ten million pounds. I went to an exhibition there and there was a European scholar who said that Pakistan is the best investment opportunity at the moment. When asked, compared it with other countries and proved that Pakistan is the best country in terms of investment

Then I changed my mind and came to Pakistan instead of the UK and launched the Multi Gardens project. Then we have an agreement with JFS Builders in Karachi for 500 bungalows which we will build and sell to the people. I have bought forty acres of land in Phase Ten in which there are five hundred files of one canal and 96 files of ten phases. We had to do an event with approximately five thousand people. It demanded Rs. 1.5 crore from us. So I thought that instead of paying that much, I should start my own business.

Being Title Sponsor Of KPL:

I was saddened by the oppression of innocent and unarmed civilians in occupied Kashmir. My father spent seven years as an Indian prisoner of war in Bengal in the 1971 war, so I have hatred in my heart against India and I am a supporter of Kashmiris’ freedom. When India presents the peaceful political struggle of Kashmiris to the world in the form of terrorism, I took the sponsorship of Kashmir Premier League to present the soft image of Kashmiris to the world and I am happy that Arif Malik, Chaudhry Shehzad and their team have made the Kashmir Premier League an international brand. KPL did not become overnight. There are three words to say this, but behind it is the three-year struggle of Arif Malik, Chaudhry Shehzad and his team.

It is said that Kashmir is the lifeblood of Pakistan. The people here do not feel it as much as I have seen Kashmiris yearning for independence abroad. I have participated in Kashmiris’ protests in many European countries, including the United Nations to support the independence of Kashmir. And, Imran Khan’s vision is to bring change through sports. Guns are not the solution to any problem. Problems are solved only through dialogue.

When the Kashmir Premier League started, these people approached me. I was in favor of buying a team and I liked the name of Kotli Panthers, so I took this team. Later, we had some issues with the management when it got out of our hands, then I got the opportunity to become the title sponsor of KPL.

Why did I take interest in KPL?

It will boost tourism and economy in Azad Kashmir. I want to build such flood light stadiums in Azad Kashmir not only in Muzaffarabad but also in other cities like Mirpur etc and those who cannot come to Muzaffarabad should come to Mirpur and watch KPL matches. KPL will play an important role in enhancing the soft image of Kashmir as well as in the economic development of Azad Kashmir. This will include the sentimentality of our Kashmiris. The Pakistan Army has a big hand in this.

Role of Media in promoting KPL:

It is being watched all over the world because of the media. Everyone has done their part. It is a big cause to tell India what is happening in Kashmir under their control and how the people here can live freely. Living and playing freely. We want players from Occupied Kashmir to come in the coming season and participate in KPL. We would like to bring more international players from the franchise and tell the world how hospitable Kashmiris are.

I will support not only cricket but also other sports in Azad Kashmir. I will ask the government here to arrange such events for the disabled so that I will fully support them. He said that in order to promote tourism in Azad Kashmir it is necessary to have good transport service so we will start our bus service from Rawalpindi to Islamabad to all major cities of Azad Kashmir. There should be resorts and hotels. Due to unavailability of good accommodation we are staying in Murree PC Bhurban. The PC in Muzaffarabad is completely reserved and there is no suitable accommodation anywhere else.
We will also bring in the international investors who are with us.

I want to initiate helicopter service for tourism in AJK and KPK: 

I intend to start a helicopter service for tourism in Azad Kashmir and KPK which will take an aerial tour of the whole of Azad Kashmir and show people the beauty of ‘Jannat Nazeer’. In places where it takes you ten hours, the tour should take you half an hour. SRG is actually the Saif-Ur-Rehman Group which consists of 32 companies of which I am the chief executive. I have no partner in it. We have joint ventures with which if we do joint ventures, it is given free hand. I don’t make any condition on what to do, they make all the decisions themselves. Knowledge is essential for the success of any business. The role of the media is very important to create awareness among the people. Social media and electronic media have played an important role in raising awareness and raising awareness among the people. But the importance of print media is still there in a society where there are more educated people.

A society succeeds which has book readers:

Yes, that society succeeds. It is a tragedy that our society does not have book-friendliness. In developed countries, book-friendship is done. There is no better friend than a book.

About SR Group Of Companies:

SR Group of companies is a large network of multinational and national companies. Mr. Saif-Ur-Rehman leading the group of companies’ networks along with the company’s director Mr. Tauseef Aamir. The companies working under the SR Group umbrella are providing exceptional services in some of the largest business sectors such as digital marketing, software development, farming, ride-hailing services, real estate, Islamic financing, financial consultancy, travel and tour, automotive manufacturing, media, technology innovations and many other. SR Group of companies has its franchises in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Core Values Of SR Group Of Companies:

We have been dealing with people professionally since 2002 and since we have earned several excellence awards. All of our expertise and professionalism based on some simple core values. Our core values are

1) Innovation
2) Reliability
3) Loyalty
4) Commitment
5) Open-mindedness
6) Consistency
7) Honesty
8) Efficiency



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