Secondhand Smoking

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Sajjad Hussain Cheehani
Smoking has always been hazardous to human health. Despite all warnings written on pack of cigarettes people don’t quit smoking. The increasing taxes on this commodity turning it to be expensive doesn’t help in giving up this illicit habit. Smoking is a threat to human health and it turns to be more ruthless when comes to secondhand Smoking. The smokers don’t even bother about the people sitting with or around them, they turn their blind eye to them and keep on puffing up the cigarette. While smoking they inhale all the smoke that goes to their lungs creating trouble for them and when they exhale that smoke it enters in others breathing which is more harmful than that of first hand smoke. Smoking must be prohibited at all the levels. If it seems to be herculean task then atleast in public places there should be smoking zones. Smokers must be made bound to use those zones the ones who violet this must be penalised or any serious action ought to be taken against them.

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