Aurangzeb Nadir
In 2019, an epidemic was diagnosed in the China city of Wuhan and rapidly engulfed the world. Still, no one knows whether the epidemic is artificial contagious or natural; some say it is artificial contagious and some say it is natural. No cure has been found for it yet. After vaccination, you can also be affected by a corona virus. Vaccination has become a definite duty in Pakistan and mandatory for everyone. Without the vaccine, you may face many restrictions. A picture is circulating on social media in which it is written on the vaccine leaflet that the person who is responsible for the harms and side effects of vaccination. Forcefully vaccinate and will be responsible for the side effects themselves. Where is the law? The majority of people in Pakistan do not want to be vaccinated because all sorts, rumors of things are circulating and the policy of the government of Pakistan has to spread fear and panic in the hearts of the people. Vaccination is not necessary in other countries, there is no coercion from the government. Those who do not get vaccinated in Pakistan are deprived of salary, travel ban, SIM and ID card block, ban on going to markets and bazaars, students will not be allowed in colleges and universities. It is beyond comprehension that hundreds of people are dying from various diseases every day but nothing is being done to cure them. Only the treatment of corona virus and vaccination is being done by forcefully. It was better than forcibly, If awareness and consciousness are created in the people then the people would have been willing. What does the government want to do with the forced vaccination?



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