Fake journalism, uneducated journalists and it’s impact on society

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Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Journalism is one of the great occupation which raises the issues of society, and have fully right to criticize legally anyone. This is journalism who represent the real picture of the society and the animals who are living in it with highly respect and status. The journalism is brave occupation and professional peoples join this journalism because they have desire to raise the voice of speechless and voiceless peoples, but very sorry to say, these things are missing nowadays because today journalism has been hold by the politicians and the powerful peoples. The journalism is not free nowadays as they should be, and the peoples who are in journalism are not representing the real picture of the society. Nowadays journalism has been the personal desire of the peoples, those who come to the journalism are not in the fever of realistic issues. The journalism has been converted into commercialized news and they work to raise those issues in which they get high TRP to increase the value of their channels. These Channels have no any sympathy with the emotions of public but with the status. Nowadays we see that their are many illiterate journals who have no any degree and awareness about the occupation of journalism but they are in majority. These illiterate journals don’t come to raise the voice of speechless peoples, but they join this Honorable occupation to blackmail the respected peoples or to get some social status in the society, their first priority to join journalism just because to secure themselves from many things, like they want to get respect from the police department and their officers and many illegal crime they do in the shelter of journalism, today in Pakistan mostly people are the corrupt and that’s why they become easily blackmailed by these journalists. Very sorry to say but these journalists have no any single relation with the pain of people, these peoples are working for fame and status, this kind of journalism and journalists are not in the fever of public but actually they are humiliating to the society. We should not forget the importance of journalism, this is not a common thing to ignore, but this refusal makes many peoples powerless and hopeless, this kind of journalism is not the beauty and decorations of society, but it is the torture and mess of the society which will make the animals powerful, and this lust of power is the cause of many social diseases, because this is power who makes a person criminal, corrupt officer and animal, in the lust of power people forget the sense of humanity and sympathy. These illiterate journalists not only the mess of the society but the misrepresentation of society, these uneducated journalists insult the people due to having their personal issues and they make the heroes to the wild animals easily. This is betray with the society that we see all around. The legal actions should be taken against such uneducated and illiterate journalists who are not aware about the real picture of journalism. The increasing ratio of uneducated journalists is quite danger for the society because they easily blackmail to the respected peoples and honorable officer. If they are really interested in raising the voice of speechless peoples than they should understand that, in this modern period, everyone has android self phone and through this platform they can easily raise the voice, but only raise the voice, they shouldn’t consider themselves to be journalists, this is a great occupation and this occupation should be saved from these evils who use this honorable occupation as their personal weapon. The legal fraternity should realize this missing issue and I suggest to take strongly action against such brutal actions to save journalism from these evils. Majority of the journalists are working without having the particular degree of journalism and mostly the journalists are intermediate or less than it, they don’t know how to ask the question? How to describe the specific issue? They only know how to get respect or how to make a person popular and respectful. This trend and hypocrisy with the society should be changed otherwise many peoples will be tortured under this occupation by these social animals.

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