Ehsaas NSER to monitor beneficiaries data for transparency

ISLAMABAD,    (Parliament Times) :  During the meeting, the Finance Minister informed Dr. Sania that for transparency’s sake the prospective beneficiaries will be accessed through the Ehsaas NSER data base only.

SAPM on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation commended Kamyab Pakistan Programme for providing relief to under-privileged segments of the society through better financial empowerment opportunities. She affirmed full support and facilitation on the occasion.

The Finance Minister stated that Kamyab Pakistan Program is based on the concept of “bottom-up” approach as envisaged by the Prime Minister. The beneficiaries would enjoy easy access to agricultural and business loans at zero-mark up without collateral. Moreover, the Kamyab Pakistan Program will provide low-cost housing scheme for lower income groups enabling them to own their houses. Thus KPP will promote financial inclusion. The proposed program is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It will bring atleast three million families out of the vicious cycle of poverty in the next three to five years with Rs. 1600 billion to be disbursed through different products of KPP, he added.

The Finance Minister also briefed about the basic parameters of KPP and underlined that NSER of Ehsaas program is the premise on which the whole program is based and shall ensure transparency in disbursement of funds and provision of micro loans to the targeted households accurately.

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