Naeem Kandwal
Over 5% of the world’s population or 430 million people require rehabilitation to address their ‘disabling’ hearing loss (432 million adults and 34 million children). It is estimated that by 2050 over 700 million people or one in every ten people will have disabling hearing loss. Social workers who work for people with disabilities are real heroes. They are helping people with disabilities who are challenged and neglected. They are real heroes. Ms Farhat Aslam is one of them. She is the General Secretary of DWAF. She has devoted her life to the Social works. Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation is non-profit, non-government and non-political organization registered under the City District Government Lahore working for uplift of poor deserving deaf communities since 45 years. On the independence day, DWAF is organising an event for special need children to make that day memorable and full of creativity. We should donate to the DWAF on this historical day. The life of a social worker woman is not a bed of roses. When i asked Ms Farhat Aslam about her successful life, she said: “Being a woman it is not easy part of life in such community to live in. As a mother I see my children. As a wife I see my husband and marriage life. As a housewife I see the things which are been held in homes. As a job I look after the job and work been assigned by my office. But these are the work are been done by each and every woman on the planet and they are doing well in their field but according to a quote. In daily life people work for themselves rather than others but if you want real success then a person is who is beneficial to others.” When i asked about her career and DWAF, she said: “I am Farhat Aslam currently been on the position of General Secretary in DWAF. DWAF is basically a foundation which is been pronounced as the Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation. This organization is been established in 1977, and I am been connected to DWAF when I stable myself and I participated in each and every major corresponding activities of it. DWAF is basically a NGO which is not only working for Deaf people but sometimes for normal as well because people Deaf they need special care and attention because they are unable to transfer their feelings in the right way and people consider them a mute personality and as the consideration their right are also been neglected for that I myself thought that why I should not help them and be there as a message communicator for them to the world and for that I started working with them and for that I am now been activity working with DWAF as a General Secretary for past 11 year and offline I am working for past many years”. When i asked about the revolutionary projects of DWAF, she said: “Following are the DWAF working details, in which I am been the interpreter and instructor for the official DWAF team and also been the activity team guider and team leader, in which I lead the work of the DWAF and have fruitful Achievements. Deaf technical training center, Deaf replacements, Small Businesses, Awareness Campaigns, Sports activities, Sign Language classes, Foods drive campaigns, Health Campaigns and services for Deaf, Leadership programs and Outdoor visits for awareness”. The extraordinary services of Ms Farhat Aslam are highly commendable. When i asked about her remarkable achievements, she said: “I faced many difficulties but after many hurdles and many opposition I achieved success and many projects which are upcoming and I am been ready to give my full potential work for the achievement of my target. I had done marketing and interpretation for Pakistan deaf cricket association. I had been visiting the Pakistan cricket board for past 10 years to ensure the solution of Deaf people problems and also their problem interpretation to Pakistan cricket board and PCB answers and solutions to the problem and their message relating to deaf and the deaf concerns these all activities were also been perform by me and I was able to made a bound for Deaf which was fruitful for the Deaf and their future in sports. I have heard and done problem solving of each deaf who come to me for help and still I am performing my work as well, including many problems which were job related, food related, medical support related and sometimes finance related and much more. I am also a Sign Language Communication officer in Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled. In which there are 130 NGO and when there is need of any sign language exert I myself provide aloe my facility to them and they problem is been sort out. In 101 incredible women I am their executive member and also been nominated for Fatima Jinnah Award. I am also been providing the Youth Development Programs relating to Leaderships in YDC MURREE which is consider one of the expensive programs and it is been directed by me in MURREE for free.I am also been working as a Match maker for the Deaf people so that they can have a perfect match and they can perform Sunnah of NIkah by the blessing of Allah almighty”. The organizations like DWAF are a valuable asset to our nation. Ms Farhat Aslam is a great example of women empowerment. She is a role model for young generation. She is a multitalented woman. She has won many awards. To me, she is one of the Most Influential Social Workers in the World.


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