MUZAFFARABAD,  (Parliament Times) : The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan addressed a series of international webinars hosted by Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad on the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in Illegally Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK).

Speaking as a keynote speaker at the webinar organized by the Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C, the President told the participants of the webinar that in the past two years, nearly 4 million Hindus from India have been illegally settled in the occupied territory. Kashmiris’ land and livelihoods are being robbed and grabbed by the occupiers and young men are being gunned down every day.

He said thousands of young prisoners are being tortured in concentration camps. The leadership of the freedom movement is behind bars. He said that the people of America owe their existence to a heroic War of Independence. Their founding fathers had highlighted in their Declaration of Independence that “… all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

He said in the 18th century, the American people secured the blessings of liberty; today Kashmiris are seeking liberty. That’s not a crime. He appealed to the American people to step forward to save Kashmiris from the scourge of war and genocide, from creeping colonization, and from impending annihilation.

Addressing a virtual event hosted by Pakistan High Commission Pretoria South Arica, AJK President said people of South Africa who struggled for decades to break the heavy shackles of apartheid, the most abominable form of racial discrimination can know better the pain of the Kashmiris.

He said the in the past the white minority stripped the nonwhite majority of all their rights and freedoms in South Africa, today a minority in the IOJK, at the behest of Delhi, has completely disenfranchised Kashmiris. While Kashmiris are being divested of their rights by demanding that they prove they are citizens of their own homeland, millions of Indians, mainly Hindus, are being illegally settled in the occupied territory to reduce Kashmiri’s majority to a minority.

Khan said the native South African were victims of the infamous Land Acts, Today in Jammu and Kashmir, land laws have been amended to grab 80 percent of the land for the Hindu minority or outside settlers. Kashmiris are being expelled from their habitats. They need “passes” to go to special zones being established for the occupier minority.

Addressing as keynote speaker at the webinar hosted by Pakistan High Commission London, President Masood expressed his deep gratitude to British parliamentarians for standing with the Kashmiris in their most difficult times. He said 80 percent of Kashmiris’ land is being commandeered for illegal settlements and Hindu businesses. Kashmiri Muslims’ livelihoods are being shrunk, their business delegitimized. Thousands are rotting in prisons and concentration camps; hundreds of young men and boys have been killed. India’s fury of terrorism against Kashmiris is unappeasable.

“I appeal to the British Parliamentarians and our diaspora community leaders to influence the FCO and 10 Downing Street to engage India on Kashmir and ask it to end forthwith the most harrowing human rights violations in the occupied territory.

He also, appeal to the British lawmakers to hold debates in Parliament on the dire situation in Kashmir and reach out to their peers in the US, Europe, Commonwealth, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to raise consciousness about the gruesome crimes against humanity being committed by the Indian occupation troops in IOJK.

Addressing another webinar organized by Pakistan Embassy Germany, the state President said reminiscent of the Nuremberg laws, Muslims in IOJK have been deprived of their exclusive rights to own property, run businesses, and seats in educational institutions.

In pursuit of Hindutva, a remake of Nazism and fascism, millions of Hindus from India have been illegally domiciled in the occupied territory. A doctrine is postulated that Kashmir is a Hindu land. Besieged non-combatant Kashmiris are being killed, blinded, forcibly disappeared, detained, and turned. Last century, Germany suffered from the ravages Nazism and the division of their homeland and it would understand our pain.

Addressing the virtual event hosted by Pakistan High Commission Dhaka, President Khan said people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan are grateful to the people of Bangladesh for holding the largest demonstrations in August and September 2019 against Indian actions in IOJK.

He said people of Bangladesh understand our pain and suffering; you know the truth of India’s hollow claims about Kashmir is its internal matter. The state president said no law gives a license to India to kill, maim, torture, and besiege an entire people to advance its colonial agenda.

“India’s first Prime Minister promised that there would be no forced union between India and Jammu and Kashmir. Today the BJP and RSS are forcibly descending on Jammu and Kashmir like Black Death”, he concluded.



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