55% Pakistanis still believe threat of coronavirus is exaggerated: Gallup

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ISLAMABAD: Gallup has been tracking how people have been reacting to coronavirus in Pakistan. In the eleventh such survey of 1,066 people in July it found 55% Pakistanis still hold the opinion that the threat of coronavirus is exaggerated
Willingness to get vaccinated has improved very slightly as compared to 65% in March; in July 2021, 66% are willing to get vaccinated, provided it is safe to use
As of July 2021, there has been a significant improvement in the percentage of people’s family members receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with almost 45% of Pakistanis claiming their family members have been vaccinated
A stock image of a Covid ward. File Photo
76% of Pakistanis claiming that the government is controlling the COVID-19 situation well
60% of Pakistanis still do not know how to register through the government for COVID-19 vaccination, depicting a deficit of awareness amongst the masses

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