Covid-19 cases in Turbat


Imam Rafiq
Turbat is the second-largest city and most popular area of Balochistan but it seems like that there are no such strong rules and regulations .it has the fourth wave of Covid19 pandemic claimed lives of millions of people are passed away in the world, more than two thousand cases are being done, unfortunately still people are not following the SOP’s in the Covid19 pandemic it has a dangerous effect across the world it has causing many problems in our life, yet in Turbat bazaar, parks and shopkeeper are opened and nobody is taking seriously of Covid19 it is fact that including wearing a mask or have a social distancing play a important role, but the people do not understand the reality of Covid19 during this wave we should sit at home and safe ourselves and family members.Last but not least.. I requested to the authorities of Balochistan to see this issue and to have very strict action against on them.