Poverty is a curse


Guljan Rashid Ali
The problem of poverty should be a cause for great concern as it affects the social and economic environment of the country.The life of people in poverty is very harsh. They have problems having three meals a day. The main cause of poverty is unemployment or having low-paying jobs because of a lack of education or skills. Therefore, for those poor families to finance their children’s education, more help to prepare them for the work field is required.To build a harmonious society in this regard, it is necessary to start early. Family conflicts, child neglect and elderly neglect are cases caused by the problem of poverty. The best way to eliminate poverty is to provide the right resources for poor families.Poverty is a serious problem. When a society’s wealth gap is very wide, there will be a great impact on the well-being of a society. I hope poor families also take the initiative to write to the authorities for help. The Government and people from all walks of life need to do more for them and help them to get rid of poverty with the help and encouragement from everyone.