Turkey, China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran will have to play a crucial role to create peace in Afghanistan

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Mohammed Khaku,
To put an end to continuing losses in blood, pride and treasure, Washington has finally accepted the reality of its defeat. After Vietnam, Syria and Iraq, the US seems to have lost its third major war and the longest of them all – The Afghan war. A history lesson for all imperialist nations: all empires, from Alexander the Great, the Persian and the Mongol to the British and Soviet, have suffered defeat in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires. The neo-cons and the coalition of the willing armed with the most sophisticated hi-tech weapons and the US defense budget of $750 billion a year could not defeat the rag-tag band armed with Kalashnikovs. In the process, US squandered over two trillion dollars taxpayer money on war. The truth is that the United States was defeated in Afghanistan. The wisdom is where, when and for what purpose the country commits its military forces. A lesson not to start war with IRAN! Twenty years later, trillions spent on military conflict and thousands of lives lost, Afghanistan remains little more than a graveyard for U.S. United States has come to the inevitable conclusion that it must end its military intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria by negotiating the troop withdrawal. Five decades of unjust U.S. foreign policy, sanctions, embargo and meddling in other nations, U.S. has suffered a major defeat. Taliban, once America’s sworn enemy, is gaining territory and power in Afghanistan. Now that the Americans have been driven out, it is time to give peace a chance. But will America’s role in Afghanistan be of peace and security or create civil war? Speaking to the BBC the Taliban leader made a clear statement: “Get out of our country. Any foreign troops left after Sept. 11 will be seen as occupiers,” said an official. So, the question that must be asked is, why does the US engage in foreign wars? There is evidence that the U.S. was more interested in oil than any war on terror. The US invades countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq to steal oil. Trump said it openly. However, US military is simply not capable of winning wars nor capable of stealing oil. Intelligence analysts Charles Brisard and Guillume Dasquie have released an explosive book that claims that the USA’s primary interest in the Afghan war is oil, not terrorism; According to Brisard and Dasquie, the main objective of the U.S. government in Afghanistan to obtain access to the oil and gas reserves in Central Asia. U.S. representatives told the Taliban, ‘Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs’, Brisard said in an interview in Paris.” Will there be a civil war in Afghanistan? General Austin Miller, America’s top general in Afghanistan, cautioned ongoing violence could spiral into civil warThe narrative by western media of fears about a civil war erupting in Afghanistan have been raised, but in my opinion, it will be USA/NATO who will assist, add fuel to the fire to create a sectarian conflict to partition Afghanistan. This is call dived and rule – A European imperialism. United States fails to understand is that the balance of power in the world has shifted in the favor of China, Russian, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran have a crucial role to play in the region because of the arrogance of America’s wicked foreign policy. As the US political and military defeat in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq is written in the history, the world eagerly asks: what will happen next? Who will US strike next? To answer this question, it is essential to identify the dominant Western political narrative that is widely projected. It is important to understand why US is pushing the narrative that Afghanistan will descend into far bigger chaos and war than it already is once US and NATO forces leave. US and the NATO forces will deliberately create the sectarian conflict in order to prevent China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran to create peace and security. Zionist Washington subverts the progress of a region unless it succumbs to US domination. US’s policies over many decades clearly show that it operates on the basis that if it is not able to dominate a region, it should be engulfed in chaos. US and NATO regimes are likely to switch to a proxy war mode to create conflicts to undermine Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). while CIA will try to bolster separatist movements among Afghanistan’s Tajik and Uzbek minorities and India’s RAW will undermine the government in Kabul. However, the Taliban’s recent visits to Moscow, Tehran and Beijing show that Taliban have prepared a political roadmap on how to deter further US destabilization of the country. While the Western media continuously presents the Taliban simply as a vicious militia, Taliban are resilient fighting force, but also a sophisticated political player. China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan have to work together in economic, political, and military spheres to create peace.These countries have strategic trade, culture and social interests in making sure that Afghanistan becomes stable democracy. While it is unrealistic to expect that Afghanistan will be completely violence free.One of the key signs of this reality was a video published on YouTube where a senior Taliban leader Muwlawi Muttaqi speaks with Shia Afghan Muslim villagers and calls for Sunni-Shia unity. If Shia’s and Sunni’s establish a good working relationship, there will be a new geopolitical dynamic in Central Asia that can contribute positively to durable peace in the region. This phenomenon was unthinkable 20 years ago, primarily due to Wahabi Saudi-influence.Peace and Muslim unity will depend on the degree of covert sabotage by US/NATO and how the Taliban manages the Muslim Unity.

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