It’s not easy to be a girl


Shema Abdul Wahid
Balochistan, the worst place for women to be born because being a girl is not easy in our society.Can’t walk out at night because you are a woman.Can’t talk to any male friend because society blame us and specially can’t do what your dream is.Unfortunately, I live in such a society where a girl is born to take the responsibility of kitchen.I belong to such an environment where a girl is married before class 5th.I am the resident of such a place where killing a woman in the name of honor is respect and I feel ashamed to live in a society where abuse mean women because every abuse starts from women.I wonder how they can give such abuses to women, Aren’t they their own mother , sister and wife.Hard to say that I live in a society where a woman is always considered a sex slave and a machine to give birth to babies.I belong to a society where education for women is disrespect and marriage is duty or respect.Don’t we have Dreams and desires ?Aren’t women human who just want to live the life ,they want?As compared to other provinces,the situation of beloved Balochistan is worst because the women of other provinces or country blindly walk in light, but our women are in such fear who walk in darkness with open eyes.But our own society can’t stand with us how we can expect from others?We just want to rock the ball and fly on the sky without any trouble ,but our wings are cut before flying and our dreams are burried before being completed by our society.Should I feel proud on my society who never let women to live their Dream’s life? Therefore,it’s my deep rooted request to society and specially men to respect the women as a mother, as a sister and as a partner.Let them do whatever they want to do.I just hope that I won’t be hopeless.