Current situation of Makran


Atta Nazeer
Makran is the division of Balochistan which is consists of three districts: Punjgoor, Kech, and Gwadar. it is known as one of the biggest division in Balochistan but in the current situation of Covid-19 lockdown, makran is dying from hunger. In this difficult time, every labor and daily wagers are crying with bloody tears and the government is fail to take any action and pretending as the government is unaware of this. Around 70% or 80% of the Makran population is suffering from poverty and this lockdown is brought a lot more difficulties for survival. The government officers are pretending to be unaware of this and sitting in any A/C room and passing any order on them and not concerning this situation. The government is announced a strict lockdown in the division but how will these 70% or 80% population survive or feed their kids and their kid’s school fees, home rents and bills are another problem for them which they have to pay in the Lockdown. The concerned authorities are requested to take action against it. imposter of lockdown isn’t the solution of the issue_it may decrease the spread of Covid-19 but will increase poverty and hunger which are a bigger issue.