Medical Relief assists Salkhala Neelum flood affected


Neelum,    (Parliament Times) : Medical Relief has distributed 40 food Packages to those effected by the floods in Salkhala Neelum. In colloboration with the Deputy Commissioner Mr. M. Shoukat Khan Yousafzai Medical Relief provided one month food packages to the families.The food packs included 19 essential household items, which also included flour, rice, oil, lentils (pulses), spices, soap, potatos and onions etc. The organization under the supervision of district administration successfuly managed to reach out to the camps of effected families. The organization has already supported a huge number of families effected due to clashes at LOC. The representatives of the organization Mrs Esharat Nasar-Ahmed Qureshi, Raja Nasar Ahmed Advocate and Raja Abrar Ahmed addressed the Food Packages Distribution Ceremony. The Honourable representative of Neelum Disaster Management Authority Mr. M. Ayube appreciated the efforts of Medical Relief and thanked the Deputy Comissioner for the extended support during distribution. Mr. Zubair Arfi, a young social activist played a vital role in arranging the distribution ceremonies at Neelum and Muzaffarabd . The community of Salkhala Neelum appreciated the efforts of Medical Relief.

Medical Relief also extended their heartious regards and good wishes for the effectees of Salkhala and people displaced due to LOC situation and residing in Muzaffarabad.The effectees of Salkhala were identified by the deputy comissioner and on the approval of the deputy comissioner office, Medical Relief arranged the food packages. Mrs Esharat Nasar-Ahmed Qureshi, Mr. Raja Nasar Ahmed Advocate and Raja Abrar Ahmed while talking to Media said, that Medical Relief is always with the people of Neelum and it will continue to support the people of AJK. Mr. Ayube Akhter the representative of Disaster Management Authority thanked Medical Relief and assured the support of his department in such activities. He also said that Medical Relief is the one and only organization which has brought such big packages for the needy people and for that we are thankful to Medical Relief and Mr. Zubair Arfi for the support . The community admired the work carried out by Medical Relief and requested the organization to keep doing great work in the Muzaffarabad Division