Women’s education in Balochistan!

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Noor bakhsh Saleem
Education is the pressing need of our society. It is clear that women are one half of our total population in the world. If women remain illiterate, then no nation can progress. In likewise.if we talk about Balochistan women’s education then we will come to know that education is the main problem especially for women who are being neglected in the field of education. In Balochistan, women’s education is not good enough due to the systematic biased discretionary policies and the state of women’s education is not satisfactory due to lack of educational facilities. No doubt, without the help and wholehearted cooperation of women, no nation can progress. They are eligible/qualified to perform everything but unfortunately in our province Balochistan they are considered as nothing. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) laid a great emphasis on education of both male and female. Without education, a woman cannot do anything properly for her children and family and also she cannot be able to help them to lead a worthwhile life. We must educate our women in every field such as nursing, management, teaching etc so they will be able to earn their living independently. Hence, female education plays a vital role for the development of a country, so we must educate our female as we do in the case men

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