New trend in politics of developing countries


Sayed Sajid Shah
The world is witness of progressive community development process on the eve of 21st century. In order to live a healthy and prosperous life on the planet the developing countries need to follow the pattern of Developed Nations. It is very important to understand the Basic Human Rights circle and choose committed and determined leaders to pull Pakistan from the quagmire of economic, political and social troubles. The countries with visionary leaders and political thoughts had gained momentum on the eve of twenty first century of science and technology. Unfortunately our political thoughts and wisdom had gone to cauldron and turned to be savages with ruined structure. What would be the future of Pakistan in the current scenario? It is a big question and needs to be solved with consensus. The National Assembly of Pakistan spends 23 Million rupees as expenses on one day activity but what is its outcome? Similar situation exists at the Provincial Assemblies. Now a new trend of beating, cursing and using abusive languages had adopted by the so called leaders which has made the country bedlamite and its people ashamed in the ranking of world. Since the inception of Pakistan the poor people had used by all the political leaders for gaining their own objectives(power, wealth, status).chanting slogans and making feted and procession is the fatalities of poor masses. As a result of non-serious attitude of bacchanal leaders every Pakistani had under debt of more than thirty one lakh rupees. It is interesting that those who are involved in malpractices or ransacked process of looting the national exchequer can still be the members of parliament and no one could asked them for looting the national wealth. Just imagine 37 Billion dollars debt especially in sugar Mills fraud cases have been exempted. Even sometimes it happens like in Perviz Musharaf era when NRO permitted 2000 people to enjoy their status as honorable Member of Parliament, senate judiciary, Army or as technocrats.And all of them got exemption of billions of dollars just in twinkling of eye.The very basic questions arises here is not about the amount they had stolen but the way they had plundered it during their regime. Is it not interesting that opposition on the forum of National Assembly should raise questions and condemned such actions? What would be future of Pakistan if both the government and opposition compromises on national issues.In fact, the government and opposition both know mentality and nature of our people who always turn to be very happy when political leaders favor them in matters related to non-issue? This can be seen from other angle when the political leaders curse and beat each other on TV talks what our response is? During the current budget session when the parliamentarian accused each other it does not give a positive message to the world. It was is just like adding fuel in to fire. Being a Muslim society and have had enriched system of Islam our country should lead the other nation and must show patience, leadership qualities and background of rich heritage in actions. This trend had down us to the bottom of human development index level? What our people had got of it is totally egotism and uneducated idiot structure.The top class political leaders do not only clashes with each other in National and provincial Assemblies a place where laws could be framed and followed under the constitution. The politics of Pakistan had reached to its climax level where the high institution has failed to provide any relief, services to the people and framed foreign policy to impress world. Still we can see a Facebook and twitter statements of our leaders where million followers of the parties are busy in towage of each other.The people need policies to develop a mechanism for protection of basic human rights and stopping bloodshed, injustice, unemployment, inflation and other heinous crimes. Our foreign policy is limited to foreign office where statements are released on favorite subjects. Internal and external situation had worsened to a climax and even we had lost our staunch supporter and neighbor Afghanistan which was our close friend in the region since 1979. Common man has nothing to do with the speeches of political leaders if there could be no way of exists from the trouble and problems they are facing since the inception of Pakistan. In fact the political leaders had succeeded to involve a common man in their issues and ignore the problems of common man which has made their lives complicated. Just see what Maryam Nawaz has expressed in twit ,I have absolutely no interest in you, your sons or your personal lives because I have better things to do, and say, but if your ex drags in families of others, out of spite, others will have nastier things to say. you have only your ex to blame.In response of this what Jamima Goldsmith has said, lets see, My kids are being raised in the lap of the jews. I left Pakistan in 2004, after a decade of anti-Semitic attacks by the media and politicans. weekly death threats and protests outside my house .But still it continues. Once Mughal Prince Jahangir used rude language for sheman when he called him vulture in agora in Persian language. The anti-king apostolian raised, the issue that how the son of King Akbar can curse a poor gay. When the expletive reached to kings ears he called Jahangir and asked, him why he has invective a poor gay in muster. The prince understands the situation and admitted that he had done a severe mistake. The King told, him there should be a difference in the language of prince, shikho and potter. The prince replied, I am sorry; actually my tongue was coax while taking. The King said, dear son a person who cannot controlled his tongue just of two ounce, how will he controlled such a vast state ?The authority starts from Tongue and usually ends on tongue. Remember and understand how you will control your tongue and the state will definitely come under your control. A man who lead a nation needs to focus on words he speaks. No doubt it is not monarchy but leader must not be a person who agitate the masses due to his/her rude behavior. Actually, the state should modify the way, the people shall be treated equally and there should be limits and ethics to be followed strictly.