Gwadar needs its own university

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Atta Nazeer
Gwadar could soon become the most famous city in Pakistan and the biggest trade route all over the world, but unfortunately it lacks a qualitative higher education system. Asia’s second largest airport is being built in Gwadar for all kinds of airbuses, where for its youths there is no university due to which they can’t get qualitative higher education. Gwadar is going to be the most beneficial city in all Pakistan as everybody is investing in Gwadar and sorrowfully it has no university of its own. There is a campus of university of Turbat but it has wholly failed to serve a qualitative higher education to the youths of the city which Is the future of the nation. Many major departments are missing and lacks many essential facilities are missing in the campus. As being the future’s most profitable city of Pakistan. Gwadar needs its own university, not a campus like where many departments are missing and lacks hundreds of more facilities.

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