Early Childhood

M. Irfan
Early childhood is elaborated as a period spanning from early parenting to eight years of age. This period is the most intensive period during which the brain develops, according to a report by WHO and UNICEF published in 2012. In this period, at the age eight of can decide the upcoming ten years because children adopt those things which we say. At this age, being violent can be poison to children. Whenever a child is observed while making a mess, parents prohibit him. It can affect a child’s mentality if prohibited in a harsh tone. This will not leave them to take any good decision of keeping a great life. Resultantly, Nervousness and depression increase that they quit trying. Being parents, people had better choose the correct placement for children in the world. 8 years is the time when children start learning at a rapid rate creating plenty of options for children’s knowledge and experience. we should give the things which are good for them. Firstly, children should be provided with a good environment, nutrition and caring with a peaceful mentality. Kids must be physically and psychologically strong from birth. Children should have some optimistic thoughts for living a peaceful life.It is notice by specialist that if one wants his/her children to be good in every aspect of life then their growth should be promising. If one desires a child to be a doctor, engineer and scientist that we had better educate minds from birth. In this experiment, many teachers are working they admire. If we work on mentality we must make minds in that direction. By this, Children can imagine the upcoming ten years of life. Mr.Michelle de Freitas BissoliIi is working on the project of early childhood. Once he said, “If you want your kids to be a doctor or engineer send them to me, I will train them from childhood and give them the direction you want your children to be.” It means if we train our children and make their minds, they can do any task in life. I appeal to people to offer great life and opportunity to youngers. And care for them from their birth. If a kid is born in your home then give them a peaceful and enjoyable life. These are ways to protect kids from wrong deeds and maintain their lives beautifully. We must teach kids about loyalty, friend and a good personality. I think after having a look at this , you may behave nicely with siblings.

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