Atmospheric pollution


Iqra Muhammad Jan
It is a fact that most of our big cities are polluted with garbage, smoke , harmful vapours and other dangerous polluted things.The atmosphere is getting polluted day by day due to burning of oil,gases and chemicals in large number, these cause atmospheric pollution which make the earth hotter and causes many atmospheric destructions. One of the main causes of atmospheric pollution is industrial pollution, with a rapid speed the world is going towards modernity on the other hand with a rapid speed these industries are leaving greatharmfuleffects in atmosphere by discharging smoke in a great quantity. Such industries are available in thousand numbers which are running 24 hours.How they will be the causes of climate change in future is beyond our thinking. In big cities like Karachi, Quetta, Lahore and many more, we mostly see long pieces of land are covered with messy and dirty things which pass bad smells due to which germs and bacterias will get mixtured in the air in this regard they cause many diseases, as cholera, typhoid. Asthma and skin or lung cancer. In big cities like these keeping eatable or drinkable things uncovered is very much harmful for health. One will only come to know that how these industries and other polluted materials are risky for health when he moves to a far away area in open space. . Because there the fresh air flows and the climate is clean. To avoid new death pandemics in future we need to stop polluting the atmosphere from today. Hence, the concerned authorities are requested to bring awareness to the public regarding pollution and strictly order the municipal corporation to clean these polluted areas and should take them away from the population. Lastly, the government should have proper plannings for the cleanliness of the atmosphere.