Thalassemia affected children trip to twin cities





Shazia Tahir,

ISLAMABAD: Various non-governmental organizations working for the rights of children of ThalaSemia have organized tours of the affected children in the twin cities. In this regard, the affected children were taken on a double decker bus from Allama Iqbal Park Rawalpindi to visit the historical places of the twin cities. On the occasion, Director Jamila Sultana Foundation Col. Tauqeer Abbas, Director Frontier Foundation Peshawar Dr. Fakhr Zaman, Director Al-Qaim Foundation Gujranwala Dr. Ali Hassan, Founder Director TBH (KMC) Galali Arshad, Head TBH Aliza Sana, And others were present, addressing the participants on the occasion, the speakers said Children with thalasemia major can live normal lives if the screened blood is given in a timely manner. But there is a need to donate blood to these children in a timely manner. Most of the thalasemia Centers facing lack of blood, so there is an urgent need to educate the public so that they can donate blood. To save lives of the thalasemia patient.