Life of Policeman


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
No doubt, we criticize every time to the police and always pass few useless comment for them and always claim that they don’t work with dignity and honestly, but very sorry to say if we criticize the police and always disagree with them, than why only police? Why we don’t hate and criticize the politics whose under the police works. A police man who wakes up early in the morning and decorate with his body with beautiful dress of police with dignity and reach to the police station, where when he arrest some accused person than he receives too many calls to leave that, if he denise one than other landlord calls him if he denise the landlord than his officers approaches him and issue the order to him to leave the accused person. He wears dress whole the day and this is police who never come out in the streets for strikes, this is police who come in front page in any violence, this is police who fight with terrorist with un updated weapons and APCs, this is police who care damn about to perform duty in any major event including the performing most dangerous duty in Muharram, Eid Day’s, Friday’s prayer and in every event police come in front but every time they used to criticize by the people and even sometimes peoples don’t consider them as a human being and have no any single sympathy for them, the most beautiful and happy day for Muslims is eid day in which every person desires to decorate himself with beautiful new clothes and shoes and spend these precious moments with their loving family but at the same day you see a police man with same dress at the gate of Eid place, why they perform these strict duties? Why they sacrifices their happiness for you? Why they don’t spend their precious time with family? Why they wear same dress for whole year? Why they spend their whole night without sleeping for you? We should ask these questions from ourselves, no doubt their are few mistakes in this department but it doesn’t mean to always consider them as goon, looters and corrupt. These diseases are in every department, even the white collars criminals who look very innocent and decent but in real they are hollowing to the backbone of country but we don’t say any single word against them, because we peoples are very hypocrite, we know every thing but yet we deny. A police man doesn’t demand any thing from you more than respect, and a police man should be respected no doubt sometimes they don’t perform their duties with honestly and earnestly but it doesn’t mean they have no keen to work with dignity but they are very bound under their officers, and officers work under the pressure of politics, if police department becomes free from the politics as it is in USA, China, Germany and many developed countries than this departments can be pure otherwise it will be indulged in many diseases day after day. Pakistan’s police is in the ranking of top ten corrupt police in the world just because of bounding them, if this department wouldn’t become free from this diseases than the number will be increased in ranking instead of decreasing, we should think for them and should care for them to provide social respect to them which is their moral right.