Gwadar deprive of water

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Atta Nazeer
Gwadar, the most famous City in Balochistan and one of the most beneficial city in whole Pakistan with the name of China Pakistan economic corridor(CPEC) is struggling for a glass of water. water is the basic need of every society and human being from which Gwadar is deprived. Gwadar has its dams but due to lack of rain in the district, the dams are empty. High and middle-class people are buying water but how a poor person can afford to buy water as his monthly income is not enough to buy day/night food for them. A water tanker costs 8000 or 10000 for water which is the monthly income of a poor person. the water suppliers are supplying water but that isn’t useable as that is very dirty. the use of supplier’s dirty water is creating extra more problems.per day approximately 3 or 4 people die, just because of using the dirty water, many people are suffering from illnesses and also had a large spread of many diseases. this is not the story of today Gwadar has been facing a lack of fresh water for 7 or 10 years but until today the problem isn’t solved. Gwadar is not demanding fascinating and beautiful buildings, roads, and parks, it just needs fresh water for its thirsty natives. Authorities are requested to look into this grave matter and ensure the supply of pure water to the relevant pumping station as soon as possible so that natives get pure water.


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