Child Sexual Abuse


Janshair Ameer
The child Sexual Abuse means to make unwanted or improper sexual advances towards child. It means to force someone for physical sexual activities against their will or wish.According to sources,3832 cases of child abuse were reported in 2018 and 2846 were estimated in 2019. Moreover, 50% of these cases are abused by their family members. These cases were officially reported;hence, most cases remained unreported. Intellectuals have declare certain cases silent crime which victims don’t reveal. In case of such cases, the victims remain socially dishonored in the society who are further put on critics.The cases of child abuse affect the mind very badly and there would be chance for being mad and it would be totally tough to recover their senses again. As well as, there is much chance for the victim to be a mental patient. Everyone has right to protect his/her life in a best way. Majority of children who are sexually harassed are aged between 12-14 years. Furthermore, In the field of puberty child can easily be abused.Many cases of committing suicide occurred due to child Sexual abuse. They become victims of this crime in childhood.According to Pyschologists and doctors, child Sexual abuse is the only disease which can simply affect the mind that further leads to madness. In developed countries, different teams are present for mental health crises to protect their youths from the dangerous disease. Unfortunately, in Pakistan no timely actions are taken towards child Sexual abuse and mental health crises.However, different types of child abuse exist which are rape, molestation and child pornography means to someone pictures and the crimer would be charged 7 millions and to sit in the dark poison for 7 years.The long term effects include lack of interest at works, forbide to go to school and start fearing. To protect our young generations, we have to follow some strict rules.According to the law, someone who touches you or any part of your body , and capture your pictures are illegally forbidden and for this crime the law is very strong to have punishment. Therefore, I humbly request the government to take action toward this crime and parents should be highlighting certain matters to protect their children and save them from being sexually exploited. Try to save your child from being victim of child abuse. Parents should be counselling their children and motivate them.