End of an era


Ahmed Khan Jamali
Eminent scholar Hazrat Maulana Jalal-u-Din Jamali had been and will be remained the da’i of Islam .He has served several years for the education of all and sundry . He was the student of Maulana Ubaid-ul-Allah Sindhi (Hazrat Sindhi), Maulana also met with Maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi and other saints in Peer Jhando a prestigious seminary of Sindh. He was honoured to perform 33 Hajj and 43 Umrah in his life.His sons Sain Muhammad Umer and Mufti Abdul-ul-Rasool are also serving Islam for many decades in vicinity of Nawabshah.Molvi read Quran without using glasses till last breathe. The Saint was laid to rest in his paternal graveyard at village Sher Khan Jamali (south-Nawab Shah). He was a prolific author. He wrote many books and interpretation of Quran and Hadith.